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At Pokémon Australia, we hope to do more then just deliver Pokémon News to PokéFans in Australia.

This is why we at Pokémon Australia have a facebook group – PokeAustralia (VGC & TCG). The PokeAustralia facebook group aims to include Trainers from all across Australia in both VGC and TCG ranging from a casual to a competitive scene. While we aim to provide frequent events for VGC fans across Australia, we hope to start up interesting topics where the whole community can get involved. Every week we hope to post a Community Discussion Article on something that the community has discussed.

The first project that PokeAustralia has launched is the “Seasonal Challenge”, details are as follows:

Some of you may be thinking, ‘What exactly is the Seasonal Challenge?’ We thought it would be a great idea to make what would just be weekly tournaments into something a bit more interesting, and a little bit more official: voilà, we have the Seasonal Challenge!

What makes the Seasonal Challenge special is this:

  • The Seasonal Challenge caters for those who may only have access to Wi-Fi or may only have access to PO. (You are able to participate in both the Wi-Fi and the PO Seasonal Challenge)
  •  The Seasonal Challenge will include points that accumulate over the Season, so: Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring – four seasons in the year.
  • The Seasonal Challenge will include a leader board which will be updated each week.
  • The Seasonal Challenge will occur every week, though, you do not have to participate every week. (Participating every week will higher your chances of getting to the top of the leader board)
  • The Seasonal Challenge will a different theme every month, so that the battles do not get dry or repetitive. (Theme will be decided by you, the members, in a poll)
  • Every week a compilation video will be created for YouTube of our best battlers.
  • Seeing as points will accumulate over the Season, there will be a prize(s) at the end of each season.

More information can be found on the Seasonal Challenge page.

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