Japanese Mewtwo Movie Giveaway

Leaks from the Japanese magazine CoroCoro has announced a Mewtwo event for players who pre-order a ticket to the movie Extremespeed Genesect: Mewtwo’s Awakening. The Mewtwo is Level 100 has its Dream World Ability Unnerve and has access to the special move Hurricane. While not confirmed for International release yet it is still a game changing Mewtwo.


Source: PokeBeach

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  1. Hurricane isn’t what you could class a special move when Volcarona can learn it while admit hurricane is a ok move then is a flying type move and with mewtwo being paychic type it won’t potentially deal the damage you want and anyway dosent the ability unnerve prevent it from eating berries

    • Well I put special move because Mewtwo doesn’t learn it via level up or move tutor. While Mewtwo doesn’t get STAB from Hurricane it can still abuse it in Rain teams as it gains 100% Accuracy. It also has the Confusion chance and seeing as Mewtwo has a very high Special Attack it will do plenty of damage 🙂

  2. i made several spelling mistakes

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