Following Australians in the Nugget Bridge Major


G’day everyone! You may have seen our recent news post about the 5th Nugget Bridge Major, a huge online Pokémon Tournament hosted by VGC website Nugget Bridge. Here at PokéAus, we’re happy to announce that we will be keeping track of how Australia’s representatives go in this tournament, both individually and collectively, via an online spreadsheet.

Similarly to our Around the Stadiums series, we’ll aim to publish weekly results and statistics for the Nugget Bridge Major to let you know how the tournament is progressing for the Australian contingent. These articles will also highlight key matches to keep an eye on, in particular when two Australians will be facing off. Those who are competing are invited to send their battle video codes through to us to be featured on the our YouTube channel, and anyone wanting to stream their battles on  Twitch  is encouraged to advertise the channel and start time to give supporters a chance to watch and cheer on.

Entries for the Major close on Tuesday 15th March at 06:00AEDT. If you don’t want to miss out, follow this link to find out tournament details and how to enter.

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