Asia-Pacific VGC 2015 War: Australia vs Singapore

Today is the day Aussies!

VGC players in Australia and Singapore prepare for war, as we find out which country has what it takes in a VGC 2015 7v7 friendly battle.

The battles will be streamed: at the following times:

  • NSW, VIC, ACT, TAS: 4:30pm
  • SA: 4pm
  • QLD: 3:30pm
  • NT: 3pm
  • WA & Singapore: 1:30pm

The Australian Team will consist of:

  1. Denaysh Selvakkumar (phoxfiyah)
  2. Sam Pandelis (Cypress)
  3. Martin Larumbe (XxXBase420)
  4. Jackson Lakey (FamousDeaf)
  5. Luke Curtale (Dawg)
  6. Matthew Bockman (Zyihk)
  7. Dayne O’Meara (Prof Teak)

Subs:  Phil Nguyen (Boomguy)

Be sure to support our Aussies, and head over to the stream.

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