Featured Article: Xerneas and Yveltal EX

With Pokémon X and Y coming this October, the TCG will eventually introduce some amazing new cards for the new generation.

Below are some EX cards I have created for fun, which show us the potential greatness that could come from a Xerneas EX and a Yveltal EX.











If you like my EX cards, be sure to check out my DeviantArt.

What are you looking forward to from Pokémon X and Y? Let us know!

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Owner of this website, and control freak. Stacey formats PokeAus articles, and deals with back-end maintenance. Her aim this year is to collect data and write up usage stat articles for both the TCG and VGC community to enjoy.


  1. Hump I want Sylveon EX plese My birthday is tomorrow

  2. awesome dude can you send me those pics to my email?its [email protected] thanks again!!!

  3. Almost like real

  4. Nice job on the Yveltal

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