EXP Gaming: 2017 EXP Circuit Announced


Last week, EXP Gaming announced their first ever non-official Pokémon Video Game Circuit for Pokémon fans in Australia! The Circuit kicks off on January 27th and runs until August. Smaller events throughout the year give points which help you work towards qualifying for the “Invitational” near the end of the Circuit. Due to this, EXP has introduced a $10 (+PayPal fee) subscription that allows players to compete in their Circuit. 100% of the fees will be put into a pot for the EXP Invitational. Unfortunately, International players will not be eligible to enter the Circuit.

Pokémon Sun and Moon are here, and the official VGC competitive circuit has started. In some states it is off and racing, while others it is non-existent at time of writing. We thought this gave us the opportunity to develop and run our own EXP Circuit for the benefit of Australian Pokémon Video Game players. While there are online circuits out there, very few operate in a time zone suitable for Australians. With the success of APL last year, and interest to bring it back, we thought we would create our own circuit to better the community and grow our player base.

The Circuit is broken down into 4 blocks which fit around official sanctioned events.

  • Block 1: Jan 27th to March 12th (Internats)
  • Block 2: March 13th to mid-June (Regionals)
  • Block 3: Mid-June to mid-August (Worlds)
  • Block 4: Mid-August onwards (after Worlds)

Before each Block starts, EXP will be announcing all events within the given block including dates and times, Block 1 looks as follows:

  • EXP Grinder #1 Date: January 27 (Friday) Time: 6:00pm AEDT
  • EXP Grinder #2 Date: February 11 (Saturday) Time: 6:00pm AEDT
  • EXP Community Cup Date: February 17-19 (Friday-Sunday)
  • EXP Throwback Date: February 24 (Friday) Time: 6:00pm AEDT
  • EXP Grinder #3 Date: March 3 (Friday) Time: 6:00pm AEDT

All information including what each event is, and how frequently they are going to be run can be found over at EXP Gaming’s website.

We look forward to watch the community grow and strengthen throughout the EXP Circuit!

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