Dylan O’s Team Against Korea

First off I would like to thank Peter, Chris and Jin who made this Team Australia vs Team Korea friendly possible. I had really tough battles (Losing 2-1) against Dal Bee.

I had lots of fun and I learnt tons from this incredible experience. Without any(more) delay I present the team that got me a win against a player of  Team Korea.

Heracross214Heracross_Dream @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Moxie
Nature: Adamant
EV Spread: 56Hp/40Sp. Def/ 252Atk/ 160Spd
– Megahorn
– Close Combat
– Night Slash
– Rock Slide

The set is very basic (Aside from the EVs). Choice Scarf was given to Heracross for a ton of speed and I gave it enough EVs in speed to out speed things like Timid Alakazam and the other 120 base speed Pokemon with speed boosting natures, making Heracross a great revenge killer. I always wanted to try a Moxiecross as soon as I knew Heracross got Moxie as a DW ability, the attack boost when Heracross KO’ed something made it even more deadly than it already was. Adamant nature with full EVs in attack to give it enough power to OHKO almost anything with a super effective hit and put a big dent in anything neutral. The EVs I invested in health and special defence to give it a bit more bulk which let it survive a few more attacks (maybe only just one or two). Being theheracrossguy I thought it would be fitting to use a Heracross.

Porygon2  @Eviolite233Porygon2_Dream
Ability: Trace
Nature: Modest
EV Spread: 252Hp/252Sp. Atk/4Def
– Tri Attack
– Thunder Wave
– Ice Beam
– Trick Room

I originally wanted to use a Bold nature, more supportive and bulky set which sacrificed special attack but I wasn’t confident in that set for now so I used my old set except with a few changes. Eviolite is there because what NFE (not fully evolved) Pokemon would be complete without this magical item introduced in gen5, all the health and defence  EVs were in there to give Porygon2 ridiculously good bulk. 252 special attacks EVs made this little cyber duck able to pull some interesting KOs, tri attack is a great STAB move and ice beam gave good coverage. Thunder Wave and Trick Room (Chandelure’s description will explain my usage of Trick Room in depth) are for speed control because my team is very slow and it is a way to give me the first move which is greatly needed. I could go on for pages on why I like Trace and why I use it but to keep it simple; it usually traces an ability that my opponent needs for their strategy to work (ie. Rain Dish in rain, attack type absorbing abilities and I was even lucky enough to trace Wonderguard) to level the playing field a little more.

Ludicolo @Sitrus berry272Ludicolo_Dream
Ability: Swift swim
Nature: Modest
EV spread: 252Hp/ 144Sp. Atk/122 Sp. Def
– Fake Out
– Scald
– Energy Ball
– Ice Beam

Ludicolo was a weird choice for me but it’s now a core member of the team. Fake Out is there to give its partner a turn to KO or inflict some sort of status onto its target. Max health and 112 special defence EVs is to give Ludicolo extra bulk, the Sitrus Berry gives Ludicolo healing (even though it’s a one off). 144 special attack EVs, Energy Ball, Scald and Ice Beam gives Ludicolo great coverage that my team needs AND gives it enough power to become a threat to draw enemy attacks. Rain Dish allows Ludicolo to counter a large portion of most rain teams effectively. I kinda wish I had a Rain Dish Ludicolo instead of Swift Swim, it would let me TR against Rain teams a lot easier.

Chandelure @White Herb
Ability: Flash Fire
Nature: Quiet
EV Spread: 140Hp/12Def/252Sp. Atk/104Sp. Def
– Overheat
– Shadow Ball
– Protect
– Trick Room

Chandelure was originally on the team just for Flash Fire (it’s still useful) but now I gave the spooky chandelier a more “tricky” role. I knew that I needed powerful options for attacks and White Herb plus Overheat allowed me to reuse one of the most powerful fire attacks twice without loss of special attack. 140 health, 12 def and 104 special defence all give Chandelure some bulk, which is always welcome. Protect is a standard VGC move, it lets you survive another turn, stall a turn out of your opponents Trick Room/Tailwind or even scout your opponents attacks. Full EVs in special attack give Chandelure the ‘fire power’ to blast down many foes even if the damage is only neutral. Trick room is there to either give my team the edge over a faster team so I can ‘out speed’ them or to reverse the effects of my opponents Trick Room, in short it’s used to keep my Pokemon hitting first.

Metagross @Occa Berry
376Metagross_DreamAbility: Clear Body
Nature: Adamant
EV spread: 252Hp/156 Atk/96 Def/ 4Sp.Def
– Meteor Mash/ Earthquake
– Bullet Punch
– Zen Headbutt
– Protect

I didn’t get to use the Iron Giant as much as I wanted to in this tournament but when I did use it, it packed a hell of a [bullet] punch. Again every EV that isn’t attack on Metagross is to make him a literal tank whilst the attack EVs still give Metagross an attack stat of the mid 190s, giving it the destructive force of a tank. Meteor Mash and Zen Headbutt are both very powerful (yet inaccurate) STABs. Protect is a standard VGC move, it lets you survive another turn, stall a turn out of your opponents Trick Room/Tailwind or even scout your opponents attacks. Since Metagross is really slow a priority move (Bullet Punch in this case) is needed for picking off those weak enemies or even just to get one last move in before you lose Metagross to a faster pokemon. I know I have given a long explanation about Meteor Mash but sometimes swapping them around keeps my Metagross feeling fresh. I used EQ during the battles against Dal Bee.

479Rotom_Wash_Rotom_DreamRotom (Wash) @Lum Berry
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Modest
EV spread: 236HP/ 88Def/ 180Sp. Def/ 4Sp. Atk
– Hydro Pump
– Thunderbolt
– Will-o- Wisp
– Pain Split

I only used this useless washing machine because I liked the W-o-W/Pain split combo but it really wasn’t the smartest thing to do. Weavile would have been a much better addition. The EV’s were directly from Jackson, for good bulk. A Lum Berry because you never know what will happen. Thunderbolt and Hydro Pump are for power, W-o-W and Pain split and for some small amount of stalling, which I kind loved. Instead of Rotom-W I should of used Weavile, it made my team a ton more balanced than Rotom did.


Weavile @Focus Sash
Ability: Pressure
Nature: Jolly
EV spread: 4Hp/252Atk/252Spd
– Ice Punch
– Night Slash
– Low Kick
– Protect

This little speed demon gives me great coverage against most of the metagame with STAB Ice Punch and Night Slash. Low Kick is there to deal with the likes of Tyranitar and other Pokemon Weavile couldn’t hit at least neutrally with its STAB attacks. Focus Sash is vital because Weavile is a glass cannon, making investment in health, defence or special defence almost pointless. Maxed out attack and speed EVs make Weavile a great late game sweeper or a revenge killer. Protect is a standard VGC move, it lets you survive another turn, stall a turn out of your opponents Trick Room/Tailwind or even scout your opponent’s attacks. Weavile concludes the fast part of my team. Pressure is the only ability I had access to for Weavile so it was an obvious choice on ability. Weavile is one of the best Therian killers around, trust me.

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