Draw a Card Issue #1: Gallade


Hey there Trainers, and welcome to another Draw A Card analysis.

With the release of the new set BREAKThrough today, we can start having a look at the interesting new cards from the set. I’d like to start with a card I find quite interesting, the new Gallade.


A Fighting-type Stage 2 with a huge 150HP, the old Pokédex on an ability and an attack that costs just two Colourless energies and offers 60 base damage with an additional 70 damage if a supporter had been played during your turn. Every part of that sounds good. You can even use Maxie to get it into the field in a single turn.

The Ability “Premonition” allows the user to look at the top five cards of their deck and rearrange them into any order. This is hugely advantageous, as it allows you to organise your draw order to prevent expensive cards getting Sycamore’d away, to draw into consistency cards sooner to prevent dead hands, or to pull off multi-card combos by drawing the desired pieces off of Trainers Mail, Acro Bike, Sycamore, Shaymin, Unown etc. This ability is actually amazing, and whilst only a five card window into the top of your deck, it can offer huge chances for powerful turns.

Further, the attack is also really good! Fighting as an offensive type has been hard to splash in recently, as the attack costs are often high and with multiple specified energies, but Gallade attacks for just two Colourles energies. The extra damage should be easy to hit, as most decks aim to play a supporter per turn, and the ability can help to hit them.

So with Maxies support, a consistency-boosting and combo-helping Ability and a useful splash-able attack cost, Gallade seems to have a lot going for it. It’s an especially astute addition to decks that struggle against Mega Manectric, offering a clean one-hit option when a Supporter has been played. On paper, it’s the perfect partner for Vespiquen’s style of play.

In testing however, it has been difficult to pull off Maxie antics regularly. The Battle Compressor/VS Seeker/Trainers Mail/Acro Bike turbo trainer package makes it possible from the deck, but it can be difficult to play from the hand. The main problem is that cards that reduce the hand size are in short supply in the Standard format. We’re limited to Ultra Balls and maybe Maintenance, which isn’t very useful. Without a reliable way to play Maxie, Gallade may not be ready to play just yet, but is a stellar option should another card offering to reduce the hand size become available. Archiestoise has all the consistency it needs with extra hand discard options in Superior Energy Retreival, Computer Search and Jirachi EX in Expanded.

So tell me everyone, what do you think of Gallade? Has anyone thought of a consistent way to use Maxie, aside from the usual turbo trainers options? Sure you can evolve through Ralts and Kirlia, but that’s less fun and less splash-able.

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