Draw a Card #7: Giratina EX


Today we are talking about Giratina EX from the Ancient Origins set. The card itself boasts some decent stats: standard 170HP, hefty three retreat cost, one attack and one ability. The Ability Renegade Pulse prevents all effects of attacks, including damage, done to Giratina EX by your opponents Mega Pokémon. Historically, Safeguard-style effects have always been useful, who doesn’t like blocking attacks, right Aegislash? The attack cost might be huge, but it offers a wall of text in compensation: for a grass, psychic and two colourless energies, the aptly-named Chaos Wheel deals 100 damage, and on your opponents following turn, prevents them from playing Stadiums, Tools and Special Energies from their hand.


The fallout of this attack is huge, as is the cost. It’s a high investment, high reward, as such a disruptive attack has rarely been seen outside of Quaking Punch. So this gives us two problems: how do you pay this high attack cost and what decks and cards does it shut down?

To pay for this attack, here are some commonly seen strategies, each of course in compliment with the Double Dragon Energy:

  • Reshiram ROS to attach extra fire energies from hand
  • Bronzong PHF to attach extra metal energies from the discard to benched Pokémon
  • Xerneas XY/Aromatisse XY to grab extra fairy energy from the deck
  • Playing Double Colourless Energies alongside Double Dragon Energies to make the attack cost only two attachments, often seen when Giratina is paired with Vileplume AOR.

All of these skeletons offer their own strengths and weaknesses, offering different partners to pair with Giratina. Despite the specific attack cost, Giratina is weirdly splash-able.

And what do you get for this expensive attack? The blocking of Stadiums, Tools and Special Energies.
This is huge against a variety of decks:

  • Fighting decks use Muscle Band/Focus Sash, Fighting Stadium and Strong Energy to increase their damage output and stay alive longer. Every part of this is countered by a Chaos Wheel.
  • Giratina mirror matches, lock out the player that can’t attach the Double Dragon Energy.
  • Night March, Vespiqen and Raichu decks rely heavily on Double Colourless Energies.
  • Metal Rayquaza decks that cannot play their Sky Field can’t increase their damage by benching more, if they can find a way to hit through Renegade Pulse, Night March can’t play Dimension Valley to keep its attacks cheap, Primal Groudon can’t increase its Gaia Volcano damage by discarding the Stadium.

And that’s not even to mention the Special Energy denial. Almost every deck plays high counts of Special Energy right now, and a strategy can be solidly disrupted by preventing the playing of Special Energies. Truly an annoying attack with potential to lock out multiple decks.

So what do you guys think? Where do you guys think Giratina EX fits best in decks now? What energy acceleration and alternate attacker package do you like? And the real question; which art is better? I’m solidly in favour of Giratina EX as the reg art. Can’t go past that coming-to-get-ya graphic.

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