Draw a Card #6: Crobat


Today lets talk about Crobat PHF, a card that has been around for a while now and we’ve probably seen performing its support damage increase role before. The main strategy with the crobat line is always the same; evolve through the Zubat to Golbat to place two damage counters on your opponents field, and then evolve again into Crobat to drop three more damage counters. Crobat itself has a reasonable 130hp and an excellent bonus in free retreat, and it’s attack compliments its snipe and spread damage strategy well, with Skill Dive dropping a further 30 damage to any of your opponents Pokémon. All this sniping damage is especially useful with so many little Night Marchers, Bronzors, Combees and Focus Sashs running around.


Whilst two or three damage counters isn’t a lot of damage with things like EXs and Mega Pokémon roaming around the meta, the damage augmentation can add up quickly. Not only can you run thick bat lines of often up to 4-4-3, but there are plenty of ways to reset your bat lines for extra damage, most notably Super Scoop Ups and AZ. If the coin flips are favouring you, that’s a lot of extra bat damage over the course of a game, especially with so little hand disruption in the format.

In addition to dropping damage and giving free retreat, already two amazing roles, Crobat has two more features to offer. First, it’s a bench spot used. In fact, it’s likely multiple bench spots used for several bats. Combine this with Sky Field and something that utilises the bench, like Raichu, and you have some hard and fast damage output. Also, if your Sky Field gets replaced, and your large bat lines discarded, then that can fuel attacks like Bee Revenge, or use Sacred Ash to shuffle bat lines back in and go again. Truly an excellent damage support Pokémon.

Finally, dropping damage counters during your turn can allow for prizes to be taken mid-turn, supplementing extra draw power or forcing fresh opposing Pokémon to be promoted into a new attack.

Instead of going through all the possible pairings, here are some cards Crobat loves to be paired with and some close friends of Crobat:

  • Raichu
  • Vespiquen
  • Wobbuffet
  • Seismitoad EX
  • Mega Tyranitar EX
  • Mega Gallade EX
  • Gengar EX
  • Giratina EX (untested but interesting)
  • Gengar (BRT ?)
  • Sky Field
  • Level Ball
  • Sacred Ash
  • Super Scoop Up
  • AZ

Crobat is definitely a favourite of mine. I personally love all the cards from Phantom Forces with the blood cell/jelly bean art in the back ground.

What do you guys think of Crobat and the bat lines in general? What decks work best with them, and what are some ways to get around the large amount of card space full bat lines take up? Let us know what you think!

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