Details for Pokkén Tournament revealed!

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New details have been announced regarding Pokkén Tournament, including its Australian release date!

Pokkén Tournament is set is the new region of Ferrum, the only region in the world where Pokkén’s style of battle is played, where trainers compete in the Ferrum League.

As players win their way through the Ferrum League, they will unlock new Pokémon that can be used as support Pokémon.

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Local and online multiplayer is also in this game. In Local games, one player uses the Wii U GamePad, while the other uses a controller compatible with Pokkén Tournament. A second GamePad, a Pro Controller, a Classic Controller Pro or a Pokkén Tournament Pro Pad are all options for the second player. In Online games, you may play in Rank or Friendly matches. Rank matches allow you to rise through global rankings, while Friendly matches allow quick matches with others, such as people with whom you have exchanged VS codes or NNIDs. You even have the option of LAN battle mode, where players can connect two Wii U consoles together and take each other on on separate TV screens!

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Pokkén Tournament also introduces Shadow Mewtwo, a mysterious but overwhelmingly powerful Pokémon whose mystery is unravelled as you progress through the game. Players who receive a first-run version (while stocks last) will also receive a Shadow Mewtwo Amiibo card, which allows them to unlock the character immediately!

Battling through the game allows players to earn Poké Gold (PG), which can be used to purchase accessories to customise their trainer via “My Town”. The game is also compatible with all Amiibo accessories to unlock in-game items.

There is also a Practice Mode, which allows you to practice your battle moves as much as you want without worrying about time or HP, kind of like sparring matches. In addition to the open practice of Free Training, there is also a Combo Dojo, where you can learn and try hundreds of powerful combos with your Pokémon and various supporters.

Last, but certainly not least, is the matter of release date. Pokkén Tournament will launch in Australia on March 19!

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