Couch Warriors hosting Pokkén Tournament event at the Australian Pokémon Nationals!

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The Australian Pokémon National Championships take place this weekend, and Couch Warriors will be there hosting the Pokkén Tournament event which will be running alongside the main event!

There will be a Pokkén Tournament area running casual matches throughout the event, with a double elimination tournament taking place on Sunday all being hosted by Couch Warriors, the community who hosts BAM (biggest fighting video game event in Australia) in collaboration with New Game Plus!

Tournament Details

Date: July 2 and 3.
Melbourne Park Function Centre (Next to the Rod Laver Arena).
Start: 2:00pm.
Entry Fee: FREE!
Player Cap: 32 (if demand is high, a 64 player bracket will be made).
Format: Double Elimination.
Prizes: Supplied by Nintendo.
Indepth Rules.

Basic Ruleset:

  • Matches will be best 2 out of 3 games (First to 2 wins).
  • Only the losing player of the match may swap Pokemon between rounds.
  • Support Pokemon and Cheer skills may be changed by both players between rounds.
  • You may request a “Blind Pick” for your first game of the match.
  • 60 second time limit for Pokemon, Support Pokemon and Cheer skill selection.
  • 10 second time limit for Support Pokemon selection while in-game.
  • Round time is set to default 80 seconds.
  • All Pokemon are legal. Random is legal.
  • All Supports are legal. Random Support is legal.
  • All Cheer skills are legal.
  • Stage is always set to “Ferrum Stadium”.
  • Skill Level and Player Data must be set to OFF and NO accordingly.

Be sure to show your support for Pokkén Tournament!

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