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Greetings PokeAustralians! As a result of a demand in beginner content, we’re bringing to you a new series dedicated to introducing you to the local VGC community of each capital city. Expect one for each major city! To start it all off we’re travelling to Adelaide; where there may not have been any Premier Challenges yet, but there is definitely an active grassroots scene to keep players occupied.

Who: Ed Trinh (@halcyonTTK)

I am Ed Trinh, also known as halcyon amongst the Pokémon community online. I am the founder and event organiser of PokéAdelaide, as well as an experienced competitive VGC player.

PokéAdelaide started out as an idea amongst friends in early 2014 as a way to help bring together the competitive video game players of Adelaide. Prior to our community, there lacked a cohesion and direction amongst the players in our city, so it was our task to provide a platform for like-minded trainers to be able to meet, discuss and compete against each other in a family-friendly environment.

As South Australia currently does not have any officially sanctioned events, we aim to provide the players of Adelaide a means of practicing and competing in grassroot events. We provide mentoring and advice to all players, and in 2015, we gave interested trainers an introduction to the World Championships by means of a panel at AVCon – Adelaide’s longest running Video Game and Animé Convention.

Our team at PokéAdelaide consists of various players who have proven themselves in past events and who have contributed ideas for events. Our leadership group includes:

  • Wilson Quan (@Jovistron) – Co-founder and 2014 Australian Nationals Top 16
  • Pete Nguyen – Co-founder
  • Luke Curtale (@DawgVGC) – 2015 NuggetBridge Dodrio Cup Winner and Pokémon Showdown VGC Room Moderator
  • Matthew Borg (@DarkMalice_) – 2014 Adelaide Regional Champion
  • Dom Newnham (DrDimentio) – 2014 Adelaide Regional 4th place and 2015 AVCon Doubles Winner
  • Joshua Ware (UmbroScizCore) – 2014 Adelaide Regional 5th place

Where do you meet and how often?

We meet in the Food Court of the Myer Centre in Rundle Mall on the second Sunday of every month. This is held in conjunction with a Nintendo-recognised fan group called the Adelaide Nintendo Connection who also play other 3DS games. Tournaments are also held sporadically, so keep your eyes peeled to social media to keep up to date with when events are scheduled.

Photos of past events:

cut a while ago finals 2014 where we meet at adelaide

You can contact us via our Facebook Page or our Twitter. We create Facebook events for all meetings or tournaments that we hold, so subscribe to the Events section to be the first to be informed.

A very big thank you to Ed for co-writing this article and for all the effort he puts into running events for the VGC players of Adelaide. Show him your appreciation by coming to some of PokéAdelaide’s events and getting in touch with the Adelaide community!

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