Community Discussion Article: What was the best and worst thing to be introduced in 5th Gen?

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What was the best and worst thing introducted into 5th Gen? This could include, but is not limited to: certain Pokémon, the Dream World or the story of the games. What would you like to see done differently for 6th Gen.

Best: Fluctuation of EXP growth based on level diffeences and the ability to EV train Lv.1oo Pokémon.Politoed
Worst: Drizzletoad, Droughttails and Sand Rush Excadrill.

Milton P
Best: More balancing
Worst: Challenge Mode not unlocked until after you beat the Elite Four, and when you finally get it, it is not that challenging at all.

Kaine M
I want more of a challenge too, but to be fair, it’s a game made for young children. Maybe a difficulty setting even before you start a new game would be cool.

Multiple save files would be cool. I think the main reason why Gamefreak made it so you can’t have multiple save files is so players just have another excuse to buy both versions of the game, this means they aren’t limited to version exclusives and can play another save file.

Chris G
I hated all 5th Gen Pokémon, especially the “genies”. I was excited when I saw Virizon and Reuniclus, but that was about it. The Dream World in my opinion was one of the best things introduced and is the partial reason why 5th Gen was great. The story of the games was an improvement, and the cutscenes were amazing to watch. In my opinion though, the sequels were a let down. I think they should also make it easier to get flawless Pokémon. More people will play competitively if that were the case. Maybe even bring in IV berries to raise IVs.

Danny D
I can’t think of anything that is terribly handled by the 5th Gen of the game series. Though, I must say, triple battles and rotation battles caused Pokémon to run out of cards to reinnovate Pokémon battles.

Breeding mechanic wise, I think Gamefreak did a great job making it not only easier, but not overly complicated. Anyone could breed if it were as simple as dreamworldABC. It is well thought out by itself.

There’s a lot of benefits I love to talk about, but I think it needs to more be experienced than be said. Pokémon is the pinnacle of the franchise at its own time, having great new features while maintaining its own. Being easy for new players, but still requiring thinking for even the veterans, competitive or casual wise.

Denaysh S
I can’t say there was anything I really disliked with 5th Gen. I loved most of the new Pokémon instantly, I loved the introduction of triple and rotation battles, the story was an improvement, the Dream World was awesome, and the improved breeding mechanics in the sequels helped so much.

I can’t think of anything that needs improving, but i do think there are a few Pokémon that could do with some evolutions to make them better.

Stephen S
As far as in-game things go. I think removing the capability to auto raise Pokémon to Lv100 in wifi battles was a really poor idea. I know far too many people who either stopped playing simply because their Pokémon weren’t auto levelled. I don’t think it would have been a big deal, but it was a mechanic they removed (instead of it never being there)

As far as things added that are good, I really like the changes to breeding mechanics. I can have the Pokémon I want, with decent IVs, within 10-15 minutes (not including weird breeding chains, egg moves, or HP).

Turning to Pokémon, i think the best ability added was Prankster. It makes many Pokémon that would not be viable (Sayleye, Liepard), not only viable … but extremely annoying and difficult to face.

The ability I detest, is Multiscale. Granted, it’s relatively easy to work around (priority, status, entry hazards), it’s annoying to face. Don’t get me started on Lugia with Multiscale.

Darian W350px-HGSS_Walking_Pokémon
I miss the Pokémon following you, maybe weird but yea, it was my favourite part about HGSS. I like most 5th Gen Pokémon, even if it took a while to grow on me. Beartic was a weird one, but he is in my Top 10 favourite Pokémon now.

Roland W
Teach people about EV training in the main story, this would mean a more competitive player base rather than secret hidden values they know nothing about at all.

Thomas W
Best: The story, I enjoyed playing Black so much because of the main story, it was brilliantly done. The Pokémon is second; I enjoy so many of the 5th Gen Pokémon.
Worst: Team Preview (OU weather dominating is a close second)

Robert W
Best: Eased breeding and training mechanics, and certain abilities (Imposter Ditto and Magic Bounce Espeon, for instance)
Worst: The lack of “unique” Pokémon made this generation less interesting. The most unique Pokémon they had was Zoroark and its Illusion, and even then it was only because of its ability. To those who expected me to answer “Scraggy and Scrafty”, to be perfectly honest I saw them coming, and so it’s that pride that keeps me from calling them the worst part of Gen 5.

Phil N
My favorite thing about this Generation is the Hidden Ability. Despite not getting new evolution of old Pokémon this generation. The new abilities has now made some of the old Pokémon more useful, like a Sheer forcing Nidoking but the biggest one is Sableye Prankster wow that has changed things up.


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  1. My favorite thing about this Generation is the Hidden Ability. Despite not getting new evolution of old Pokemon this generation. The new abilities has now made some of the old Pokemon more useful, like a Sheer forcing Nidoking but the biggest one is Sableye Prankster wow that has changed things up 🙂

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