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Here is our second Community Discussion Article. These articles will be based on group discussion in our community, PokeAustralia, so feel free to join the conversation! The following are just some comments from our members on their thought of Hax.

Leandro L

Today I will be discussing a very common complaint in the metagame: Hax.protect

Players all over the world complain that luck should not decide a match, and it is very common to find several rules with clauses that exclude those components (No OHKO moves, no Evasion boost). At Smogon, things go even further where they are trying to develop a formula to declare the winning player, in a way that KOing the 6 Pokemon on the opponents team would not be considered winning the match.

My most recent experience was a player in Pokemon Online. I had intoxicated his Salamence, he used trick and I now had a Choice Band on my Umbreon. He used Outrage, taking out one of my Pokemon, then I sent in Umbreon with nearly no HP left. I used Protect, naturally, because I forgot about the Choice Band. My Umbreon then used Protect successfully 3 times in a row, making his Salamence faint due to Toxic. In my opinion, he lost because of his strategy, since I could not use another move and the success rate of Protect is a valid game mechanic.

So my question is: Shouldn’t all game mechanics be valid?

Jackson L

Hax is definitely a game changer. Eg. I want my Hydreigon to use Draco Meteor but it misses, and then the opponent can turn around and OHKO my Hydreigon. Another example was myself vs Chris on Pokémon Showdown. His Latios used Draco Meteor on my Thundurus, and landed a Crit with it. Hax really does matter.

Chris G

muddy water
I lost to hax in the final of a VGC Event. Muddy water missed twice, and I got flinched due to Rock Slide 3 times. If that didn’t happen, I would have won the match. Hax is annoying though Pokémon would be boring without it I think.

Emma W

It’s all very well to make the argument of ‘you chose those less accurate moves’, but then again, you don’t choose to get Critted, or Paralysed, or be affected by a move’s secondary effect (Ice Beams Freeze). Hax is controllable, but only to an extent, the rest is how well you can play around it. While it can be game changing, Pokémon would be rather boring without it.
Chance (definition):

  • The unknown and unpredictable element in happenings that seems to have no assignable cause
  • A force assumed to cause events that cannot be foreseen or controlled; luck: Chance will determine the outcome


Wesley C

It is about risk vs reward. Luck is part of the game, it works both ways.


If you play Pokemon competitively, you have to be accepting that some matches are won/lost due to chance. Crits to happen in this game, luchydrok based things happen also, it’s just the game.

Thomas W

Without those few little elements built into the game, it would be a hell of a lot less entertaining. People need to stop complaining about hax and start actually considering it. Have plan B’s if your plan A gets critted. If your move is not 100%, you have to expect it to miss sometimes. Sure, 3 misses in a row with Hydropump is rare but it’s going to happen once in a blue moon.

Robert W

I have always said that luck is my biggest weakness, both in battle and in real life. The odds of a luck-based event occurring in a battle are very real, and so I am always careful not to spend too much time setting up or being overly cautious, because a fateful critical hit may be just around the corner. Good trainers are always wary about such events, and always make sure they’re prepared should hax occur. This playstyle is called “risk management”.
In a singles tournament match two years ago now, I was using a Magnezone against a Calm Minding Cresselia. Magnezone kept spamming Signal Beam, doing small damage and getting smaller each turn, and, knowing I was in trouble, I was pretty much holding out for hax. Eventually I got it: Signal Beam confused Cresselia right when it mattered, when it was down to red health. The next turn, the faster Cresselia tried to attack (or use Rest), but attacked itself instead, and Magnezone took advantage, KOing it with one more Signal Beam. This turned certain defeat into the match of the tournament, and my eventual victory.
If my opponent had used one less Calm Mind, and used Rest instead, he would’ve beaten me easily. This was an example (no offence to him) of poor risk management on his part.
What’s your opinion on hax? Comment below and it will be added to our article!

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One comment

  1. As a nuzlocker Hax is something I always have to take in calculation to make sure I can survive through all those battles It’s part of the resk. And yes, even I sometimes spam less effective moves to get a Hax out of it. I’m not that much into competitive battling, but it can be a frustration for an opponent while being a bliss for the one who dealt it.

    On the other hand, I worked with a buch of other people on an MMORPG once, where we would remove crits. from the game with the exception of those moves and abilities that would improve the crit-ratio in order to make more balance into the battle system. Sadly the game got never released due to too many hiatuses, but the server can still be found on PO. (PU Balance server it’s called)

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