Changes to 2017 Pokémon World Championships Qualification

The Pokémon Company have announced changes to both the qualification requirements for the 2017 World Championship and the Championship Points (CP) payouts at events. These changes now make it easier for players to qualify for the World Championships for both TCG & VGC.

For players in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region (which includes Australia), the new CP requirements to earn a Day 1 invitation to the VGC World Championships have been lowered. The CP requirements for a Day 1 invitation for TCG have not been lowered. The amount of direct Day 2 invites for APAC players has also remained the same for both TCG & VGC.

New CP bar requirement for VGC 2017 Worlds Day 1 Invitations – Asia-Pacific

Age Division CP Total
Masters 300
Seniors 250
Juniors 150

Changes to the CP payouts for certain events have also been announced. For TCG events, the amount of CP awarded for placings at International Championships, Regional Championships and League Cups has been increased by 50CP, 20CP & 5CP respectively. Payouts for VGC events & TCG League Challenges have not altered. Event kickers and Best Finish limits for all events have also not changed.

These changes are retroactive and will, therefore, be applied to events that have already taken place – TCPi expects that they will have the leaderboards and player CP totals updated within the next 72 hours.

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