Patrick Hodge’s OU Tournament Team

Foreword: So hey, I’m Patrick and this is my team. I like to call it my Anti-Weather Sun Team. Keep in mind that this team was made before the current B2W2 metagame. As in before the release of Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 and as such isn’t as relevant anymore and is outdated. Ninetales Item: Leftovers Ability: Drought 252 ...

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Jackson’s Team (ACSA Tournament Champion)

Foreword: Hey, PokeAustralia. When I saw the amazing trophy on ACSA, I knew that I had to make a perfect team to win it. I was tested many teams on PS such as Skill Swap + Tyranitar team, Empoleon/Landorus etc. Finally, I decided to make a rain team (NOT bog standard rain team because they are just…. bad). My team’s ...

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