Big News for the Oceania International Championships

With just over a month to go until competition gets underway, we’ve got all the big news for the Oceania International Championships that were announced over the last few days.

The event details are available online, This page is important as online registration will be done through there. Additionally, information about the schedule and the costs have also been unveiled.

Key information for the event:

  • Entry will cost $60 for Masters players, and $30 for Senior and Junior players.
  • You must bring Photo ID to check in. Passport, Drivers Licence, High School ID are all accepted.
  • There will be side events, which may have separate entry fees.
  • There is a player cap due to the venue size. Information on the cap can be found here. To make sure you don’t miss out, register as early as you can.
  • Spectating is free. There are no current restrictions on spectator numbers.
  • Masters players should check in on Thursday the 9th (between 5pm and 8pm is recommended). Senior and Junior players check in on Friday 10th. Proceedings will start early on competition day, therefore, a late check in will only mean you are up earlier on a long day.

Poké also has an information page for the event, where they confirmed the travel awards, which will be determined by standings on February 3rd 2017. For more information about travel awards and who will be coming to Australia to play, check out this link. Congratulations to Australians Nicholas Kan and Sam Pandelis for earning travel awards in VGC; and to Brent Tonisson, Jordan P, Lewis Stevens, Damien Filiposki, Alex Crockford, Tait Tran, Lochie McKeefry, Sam Newton, Will Reimann and Samuel Williams for their travel awards in TCG!

If you’re from overseas or interstate, you can check out our own travel cheat sheet for additional information about visiting Melbourne.

Stay tuned for more news as we get closer to the big weekend of Pokémon.

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