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Howdy friends. My name's Brendan Webb and I first started in the VGC 2015 season. I was fortunate enough to Top Cut the 15' Australian Nationals with a 6th placement and managed to qualify for worlds. Something I am eternally grateful for. I'm one of the few Tasmanian's who play so if you are interested in my views. You can follow me on twitter @FloristtheBudew

Australian VGC17 Usage Stats: January Week 4

We’ve reached the final week of January, meaning it’s now time to reflect on this month in VGC. What better way to do so than with our latest usage stats? We’ve had three Premier Challenge events happen in Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania. We’re beginning to see some clear patterns with the Australian metagame, so we advise noting the ...

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2016 Nugget Bridge Major: Aussie Round 1 Key Match Ups

  The Nugget Bridge Major has kicked off, and Round 1 is now live! There are some tricky pairings we have going for Australia and its players. We’ll go through and list them, showing why you should be interested on the results with each match. You can also keep track of how Australia’s representatives go in this tournament, both individually ...

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Pokémon VGC 2016 Rules Announced

The Pokémon Company International has finally released the new ruleset for the upcoming 2016 VGC season! These rules will come into effect on January 1st 2016. As some of you will already be aware, these rules are a massive throwback to the days of VGC’10, but with some minor changes. Here are the rules regarding team construction: Trainers will play either ...

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Dealing With Non-Pentagon Threats on Battle Spot – A Season 12 Reflection

  Battle Spot Season 12 saw the rise of some really interesting non-pentagon threats. These Pokémon gained previously-inaccessible moves or abilities, through being migrated from previous games via Pokémon Bank. These moves could have come from either old move tutors, or even special events. This article aims to enlighten you on new developments that have been seen throughout the 12th ...

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