Australians in the Nugget Bridge Major: Round 3 Preview


In no time at all, we’re up to the third round of the Nugget Bridge Major. Let’s take the time to see who each Australian is playing, where they’re  from, and discuss the biggest matchups. Remember, you can follow how the Australian contingent is going throughout the week by checking out our online spreadsheet.

Round 3 Matches

This round, Australia collectively faces opponents from 10 different countries, including Australia. The match-ups are as follows:

Name Opponent Opponents Country
Phil Nguyen MaximumZero Philippines
Rhydian Cowley RpIndaHouse Portugal
Brendan Webb xxxbase420 Australia
Nihal Noor HaxnandezTH Unknown
Jordan Saunders Ares Italy
Matthew Roe 2girls1muk Australia
Tim Walsh RoeySK Australia
Mustafaa Olomi lucalucario Italy
Luke Brown Hambrick USA
Damon Murdoch kingwill53 USA
Rob McAndrew 13Yoshi37 Germany
Wilson Quan DaFlo Germany
David Posniak TechnoThrones Australia
Sam Pandelis cgyc Canada
Martin Larumbe FloristtheBudew Australia
Malcom Mackellar LoveDr USA
Jackson Bankovic coolniceman USA
Haris Sahovic pRNSvgc Netherlands
Nathan Farrugia TheSalmon Australia
Billy Stanley DonVGC Columbia
Jordan Bradley NamukoPro USA
Jay Callaghan raymans Netherlands
Daniel Walker SwaggyMcBuckets  Unknown
Josh Matos ryuzaki USA
Jimmy Chen DuckerPunch7 Italy
Jay Tyrrell [Unreality]Benji USA

Notable Match-ups

Wilson Quan (@Jovistron) vs Daflo (@DaFloVGC)

Wilson takes a break from defeating fellow Australians as he faces up against notable German player Daflo, who won the Italy National Championship in 2014. Both players are 2-0 at this point, and another win would put Wilson in a strong position to top cut.
Billy Stanley (Bilbo) vs DonVGC (@DonVGC)

Both players come in to this match at 1-1, and another loss this early in the tournament will make it tough. DonVGC is from Columbia and regarded as one of the strongest Pokémon trainers in South America, so a win for Billy would prove his mettle as a strong Pokémon Trainer, and help him keep on pace for a top cut.
Rob McAndrew (@Dextyriousvgc) vs 13Yoshi37 (@13Yoshi37)

13Yoshi37 is another noteworthy German player. As well as having a Youtube channel, he is also a two time National Champion who finished second globally for Championship Points last year. Again, both of these players have a 1-1 record, so a loss here would put them on to their last chances. We hope that Rob relishes the chance to play a high quality opponent, and can grab a win for Australia.

All Aussie Matches

This round, there are again three all Australian matches.

Brendan Webb(@Floristthebudew) vs Martin Larumbe (@basein2)

Brendan finished in the top 8 at our National Champioinships last year, and is facing off against Australian Youtuber Martin Larumbe. Martin also has a twitch channel, so we hope to see this match streamed on there for your viewing pleasure.
Matthew Roe(@RoeyVGC) vs Tim Walsh (@2Girls1Muk)

Here our 2015 National Champion is in action against one of his countrymen in Tim Walsh. Both players have a 1-1 record coming in to this match, and we’re sure that Tim won’t be intimidated by Matt’s past achievements.
Nathan Farrugia (Techno Thrones) vs David Posniak (TheSalmon)

Both of these guys have 0-2 records to start the Nugget Bridge Major, so at this point the lose of this battle is effectively out of the running for top cut. This should make for some thrilling sudden death battling. Unfortunately for us, only one of our Aussies can win this, but we wish them both the best of luck.

Best of luck to all the Australians in this round 3, we hope you all battle well!

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