Australian VGC17 Usage Stats: December Week 2


Season’s Greetings everyone! We’ve had yet another lot of Premier events held across the country. Today, we have results from Brisbane’s first PC, Cannington in WA, and another Victorian event. Courtesy of Matthew Roe, we also have a statistical breakdown on the usage stats of Pokémon within Top Cut at these events to assist in team building specifically for Australian events.

VGC17 Brisbane Premier Challenge | 17/12/16

1. Josh Baker

2. Tony Nguyen

3. Jake Murray

4. Damon Murdoch (@SirScrubbington)

5. Brandon King

6. Cutris Ridings

7. Joseph Garrett

8. Mitchell Barfoot

VGC17 Cannington Premier Challenge | 17/12/16

1. Alister Sandover

2. Dennis Nguyen

3. Joshua Grayden

4. Karl Aquino

5. Patrick Crequer

6. Shaun Sewell

7. Zac Corrigan

8. Gabriel Voon (@WoomyVGC)

VGC17 Dandenong Premier Challenge | 18/12/16

1. Meaghan Rattle (@AvengedWerehog)

2. Jordan Bradley

3. Bailey Owen (@BargensVGC)

4. Tim Leach

5. Matthew Jiwa (@JiwaVGC)

6. Nicholas Vella (@lv100combee)

7. Nihal Noor (@UchihaX96)

8. Christopher Kan

Usage Statistics for Top Cut

Pokémon Top Cut Usage Top Cut Usage %
13 54.16%
10 41.16%
9 37.5%
8 33.3%
7 29.16%
6 25%
5 20.83%
4 16.66%
3 12.5%
2 8.33%
1 4.16%
Total 144


It’s clear that the London International Championship has played a great role in the teams being used this week. As seen above, Tapu Koko continues its format dominance at Australian events, edging out Tapu Bulu and Tapu Lele significantly. Kartana and Celesteela are the current most popular Ultra Beasts, reflecting similar usage . Muk-A has come out of nowhere as players are seemingly just recongising its strengths against many early metagame threats. Other notable recent entries include Porygon2, Magnezone, Politoed, Salamence and Gastrodon; the former few likely aided by their use by Wolfe Glick in London and Gastrodon in response to the surge in Hydro Vortex users in the format. Ninetales-A was the most popular weather setter, with more teams utilising it than Pelipper and Politoed combined.

Thanks for reading and hopefully this article can help everyone out in preparing for the coming Premier Challenges this January!

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