Australian VGC17 Usage Stats: December Week 1


Season’s Greetings everyone! Last weekend we had our first wave of small local events in Australia. We’re happy to share with you the results from the first 2017 season Premier Challenges at Box Hill and Newcastle, and Adelaide’s first sanctioned non-premier event for the year held by PokeAdelaide. Worth noting was that PokeAdelaide’s event was structured as 5 round BO3 Swiss with X-1 BO3 Top Cut, a format yet untested in the Australian scene.

VGC17 Box Hill Premier Challenge | 10/12/16

1. William Chan

2. Paul Clay

3. Nicholas Bingham (@ludicolopatrol)

4. Sam Hughes

5. James Katsaros (@ChosenFutureVGC)

6. Fred Zhou

7. Christopher Egan (@Egan_94)

8. Timothy Walsh (@2girls1muk)

VGC17 Newcastle Premier Challenge | 10/12/16

1. Martin Larumbe (@BaseIN2)

2. Jackson Bankovic

3. Daniel Walker (@ludicola31)

4. Jake Musumeci

5. Henry Rich

6. Arkington Owen

7. Manish Kumar

8. Ryan Burrel

VGC17 PokeAdelaide Sanctioned Event: | 11/12/16

1. “Looker Tail” (@DawgPkmn)

2. Ben Madigan

3. Aaya H (@PellinoreVGC)

4. Ben N

5. Wilson Quan [Drop] (@Jovistron)

Thanks for reading, we hope this insight into teams being used at grassroots level events will help you all prepare for coming Premier Challenges and Regional events!

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  1. Some interesting teams. I think the next Premier Challenges will be dramatically different.

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