Australian TCG League Challenges: March

The TCG 2017 Season is alive and kicking! Each month, we will be posting a round-up of all TCG League Challenges that will be happening throughout Australia. We’ve just had the Oceania International Championship but there are League Challenges taking place between now and the end of the month.




New South Wales

Western Australia

Please note that all these events have an entry fee – check the individual event pages for the entry fee amount.

Useful Links

  • About League Challenges – gives a brief overview of these events along with the CP payouts and attendance kickers.
  • Poké Strategy – Contains a number of articles on deck-building and current team-archetypes used in TCG.
  • Uncovering the Secrets of Sun and Moon– PokéAus’ own Ellis Longhurst talks with a couple of Australia’s top TCG players on useful cards from the new Sun & Moon TCG Expansion.

About MachopFan

Hailing from the outer suburbs of Melbourne, MachopFan became a Pokémon fan in 1999. He joined the competitive scene during the 2007 DS Connection Tour, a week after Pokémon Diamond and Pearl were released in Australia. After learning that Australia was not in the Video Game World Championship, he played a major role in the campaign to include Australia. MachopFan competed in Australia's first National Championship, placing in the Top 8.

One comment

  1. My son won onde league Challenger on Melbourne durinho the Championships and It wasn t reported yet. I’m trying to contact the staff but I Had no sucess yet. Can anyone help me ?

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