Australia vs. Singapore VGC Friendly – Final Results & Wrap-up


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On Sunday April 17th we saw Australia take on Singapore in a VGC Friendly. After a nail-biting affair which saw the lead change several times, Australia eventually triumphed 13-12 after needing to go 5-0 in the last round to clinch the Friendly.

Congratulations to Phil Nguyen, Luke Brown, Malcolm Mackellar, Tom Schultz & Lynette Zheng for their work in bringing home the victory. Commiserations to Reuven Tan, Poh Yu Jie, Jonathan Chiang, Wilson Foong & Emil Ng of Singapore for their efforts on the day.

PokeAus would also like to acknowledge the efforts of the following people for their work during the event:

  • Tan Zong Ying for his work in organising this friendly, arranging for the live stream and acting as the informal judge of the event – the friendly would not have run nearly as well as it did without his efforts.
  • Matthew Hui, Justin Lok, Low Wai Yin and Isaac Lam for providing commentary on the streamed matches.
Final Results

The archive of the stream can be found here (Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3)

Exhibition Match

A best-of-three exhibition match between the two event organisers Matthew Roe (AUS) and Tan Zong Ying (SNG) was held at the conclusion of the friendly, with Matthew narrowly triumphing 2-1 in a close affair.

Qualifier Tournament

The final results for the Australian Qualifier tournament are in. This tournament saw entrants compete for the chance to represent Australia in the friendly, with spots awarded to the Top 4 players and the winner receiving a $15 Nintendo e-shop voucher. After a grueling affair Malcolm Mackeller emerged as the winner after defeating Luke Brown in the final. Congratulations to Malcolm for his victory and thank you to all the competitors for their time and efforts in the tournament.

Once again, huge thank you to Singapore for the VGC Friendly!


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