Around the Stadiums – September 2017

Welcome back to the Around the Stadiums coverage for the 2018 season, where we bring you Premier Challenge Results from around Australia! In this edition we look back at the results from September Premier Challenges. The post-world metagame was a varied as ever with an even blend of players either using variations on successful strategies from Anehiem, or trying to be shake things up with new ideas. Read further to see who succeeded in getting a jump on the competition before the VGC18 ruleset rolls around next January.

To be sure you don’t miss your next chance to compete, you can keep up to date with the times and locations of all of Australia’s 2018 season Premier Challenges on Meloetta Minstrels.


  • Victoria
  • Queensland
  • Tasmania
  • New South Wales
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  • Australian Championship Point Standings


Victoria was blessed with two Premier Challenges for the month courtesy of Next Level Games. On Saturday 9th NLG Ormond hosted what we hope to be the first of many events there, with Fred Zhou victorious over Emma Williams in the final and all Top Cut players earning Championship Points. The next day saw Meaghan Rattle triumph over Tim Walsh at NLG Dandenong, with Luke Iuele and Jimmy Farrugia also earning Championship Points for their Top 4 finishes.

Saturday, September 9th

Venue: Next Level Games Ormond
Attendance: 28
Usage Stats [LINK]


  1. Fred Zhou
  2. Emma Williams
  3. Bailey Owen
  4. Sam Hughes
  5. Luke Iuele
  6. Meaghan Rattle
  7. James Katsaros
  8. Jay Tyrell
Sunday, September 10th

Venue: Next Level Games Dandenong
Attendance: 22
Usage Stats [LINK]


  1. Meaghan Rattle
  2. Tim Walsh
  3. Luke Iuele
  4. Jimmy Farrugia
  5. Matthew Roe
  6. James Katsaros
  7. Cameron Dimond
  8. Emma Williams


Brisbane players got their season undeway on September 9th, with Fast Break Brisbane hosting Queensland’s first Premier Challenge event of the 2018 season. Francesco Iannello defeated local legend Paul Amadee in the final to get his season underway, while regular competitors Graham Amadee and Damon Murdoch placed in the Top 4 to also pick up some Championship Points.

Saturday, September 9th

Venue: Fastbreak Brisbane
Attendance: 17
Usage Stats [LINK]


  1. Francesco Iannello
  2. Paul Amadee
  3. Graham Amadee
  4. Damon Murdoch
  5. Brian Amadee
  6. Richard Buckley
  7. Luke Milligan
  8. Matthew Myatt


Battleaxe Kingston got the ball rolling for the new season by playing host to Tasmania’s first Premier Challenge. Lucas Gofton picked up his first points of the season, finishing ahead of the other Masters attendee Connor Fletcher.

Saturday, September 16th

Venue: BattleAxe Kingston
Attendance: 2


  1. Lucas Gofton
  2. Connor Fletcher-Jones

New South Wales

New South Wales only had one Premier Challenge for the month, courtesy of Good Games Newcastle. Anubhav Biswas took out the event by going undefeated in the Swiss rounds (due to a mix-up no Top Cut was played). Other players who earned Championship Points on the day were Ben de Ridder (2nd) and Mitch Kendrick & Finn Cooper (Top 4).

Saturday, September 16th

Venue: Good Games Newcastle
Attendance: 23


  1. Anubhav Biswas
  2. Ben De Ridder
  3. Mitch Kendrick
  4. Finn Cooper
  5. Andrew Das
  6. Arkie Owen
  7. Ashley Springett
  8. Stuart Rutherford

Upcoming Events


Australian CP Standings (as of September 27th)

Full standings viewable here.
APAC Regional standings viewable here.

With the new season having just started, there is a bit of a logjam at the top of the standings. With no Australian Masters picking up points at Liverpool or Aneheim during the 2017 season, the winners of this month’s Premier Challenges at the top of the standings. As of publishing, results from the NLG Ormond and BattleAxe Premier Challenges have yet to be uploaded, and as a result players who earned points from that event are not shown here.


Special thanks to those that helped get this article happening:

  • Mitch Kendrick – Newcastle Teams & Standings
  • Tim Crockford – Kingston teams & Standings

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