Around the Stadiums Winter Series #3: A Premier Challenge Summary

Welcome back to the Around the Stadiums coverage for the 2017 season, where we bring you Premier Challenge Results from around Australia. In this edition we look back at the results from February Premier Challenges. The metagame has been evolving as quickly as ever, with trainers testing and practicing the latest trends in preparation for next week’s Melbourne International Championships. Read further to see who is hitting top form at this crucial time of the season.

To be sure you don’t miss your next chance to compete, you can keep up-to-date with the times and locations of all of Australia’s 2016 season Premier Challenges on Pokémon Australia’s events calendar. If you’re confused by any terms you see here, make sure to check out our Glossary of Terms to help get you up to speed. If you want to see what has been used locally and compare it with what has been used globally, why not check out our Usage Statistic Spreadsheet?


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While we don’t have the results for the Premier Challenge held in the first weekend of February, we do know that there was a raid of 4 Victorians who visited Hobart for their Midseason Showdown on the second weekend. Chris G and Cameron Dimond came out on top in a Swiss-only format, unseating locals Brendan Webb and Lochiel Cameron who were in third and fourth. All four received healthy doses of Championship points as a result of their strong performances.

Mid Season Showdown
Venue: Battle Axe Games
11th February

  1. Chris G
  2. Cameron Dimond
  3. Brendan Webb (@Floristthebudew)
  4. Lochiel Cameron
  5. Robert Whitehill (@No1MachopFanVGC)
  6. Jordan Bradley

Western Australia

Alex Poole returned to form in Perth early in the month. He defeated Mitch Bray in the finals. While Alister Sandover was absent, there were still many veteran faces dotted throughout a strong top cut bracket. We also saw the little-used Guzzlord make an appearance in top cut. Alex’s win is timely for him, given the Melbourne International Championships will soon be upon us.

Venue: Good Games Cannington
Date: 12th February

  1. Alex Poole (@triceratops5x)
  2. Mitch Bray
  3. Kyle Booth
  4. Gabriel Voon (@Woomyvgc)
  5. Blake Moretti
  6. Benjamin O’Neill
  7. Shaun Sewell
  8. Zac Corrigan


On February 19th, Queensland had their penultimate hit-out before the Melbourne International Championships. Luke Milligan defeated Joshua Callaghan in the finals to win the tournament. Both Luke and Josh have plenty of top cut experience in Brisbane and they made use of it to reach the finals.

Venue: Fastbreak Sports Nundah
Date: 19th February

  1. Luke Milligan
  2. Joshua Callaghan
  3. Dan Kendall
  4. Jackson Mayberry
  5. David Gillett
  6. Lachlan How
  7. Graham Amedee
  8. Malcolm Mackeller (@MogarVGC)


Although Melbourne only had one Premier Challenge in February, they had a grassroots event to kick off the month. In the Grassroots event, Christopher Kan confirmed his form, defeating 2015 National Champion Matthew Roe in the finals. Both had navigated a tricky best-of-one swiss format, and a strong top cut featuring the likes of Sam Pandelis and Meaghan Rattle.

The Premier Challenge held in the last weekend of February saw a lot of local heavy hitters out to tune up their teams for the Melbourne International Championships. James Katsaros overcame a long streak of not winning his top cut matches to take out the event, defeating Sam Hughes in the final. Both players will want to bottle their performances to take with them to Melbourne Park Function Center on March 10th, and we hope to see them do well there.

Venue: PokeMelbourne Grassroots event
Date: 5th February

  1. Christopher Kan
  2. Matthew Roe (@RoeyVGC)
  3. Tim Leach
  4. Sam Pandelis (@ZeldaVGC)
  5. Luke Iuele
  6. Jay Gorman
  7. Cameron Dimond
  8. Meaghan Rattle (@AvengedWerehog)

Venue: Good Games Box Hill
Date: 25th February

  1. James Katsaros (@ChosenFutureVGC)
  2. Sam Hughes (@sam_slugmeister)
  3. Nicholas Bingham (@Ludicolopatrol)
  4. Meaghan Rattle (@Avenged Werehog)
  5. Emma Williams (@CobalteVGC)
  6. Galvin Hui (@HuidVGC)
  7. Chris G
  8. Jackson Bankovic (@AbacusVGC)

South Australia

Adelaide held two grassroots tournaments in February, with Joshua Ware featured in both finals. Josh lost to Ben Madigan on February 12th, then maintained his edge over Wilson Quan by winning on February 26th. We hope to see Josh compete at the Melbourne International Championships as his consistent performances in Adelaide show that he is a player of some caliber.

Venue: Adelaide
Date: 12th February

  1. Ben Madigan
  2. Joshua Ware
  3. Jason Sardinha
  4. Matthew Borg

Venue: Adelaide
Date: 26th February

  1. Joshua Ware
  2. Wilson Quan
  3. Lindsay Holly
  4. Caleb Wijesinha

New South Wales

A small but hardy number of players traveled up to Newcastle on February 25th to play in a Premier Challenge. Simon Konsti triumphed, overcoming Martin Larumbe in the final. Reports suggested that earlier in the day, Martin was nearly defeated by a Junior age competitor, but that clearly didn’t phase him. It also bodes well for that Junior competitor, and shows that upsets can happen.

Date: 25th February
Location: Good Games Newcastle

  1. Simon Konsti (@0riginalname)
  2. Martin Larumbe (@Basein2)
  3. Andrew Das
  4. Conner Croese

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New South Wales

Western Australia

Australian CP Standings

Accurate as of 2nd March 2017

Australian Championship Point Standings

  • Full standings viewable here.
  • APAC Regional standings viewable here.

Sam Pandelis (@ZeldaVGC) leads the Championship Point rankings as he has done all season. Jimmy Chen is close behind in second. Tasmanians Brendan Webb and Lochiel Cameron have been rewarded for doing well at their local Premier Challenges and Midseason Showdown, sitting either side of the 100 point range in third and fourth. Alex Poole’s PC win in Perth and Chris G’s win in the Hobart MSS see them sit in equal 5th. Chris Kan and James Farrugia are next, followed by Cameron Dimond who has also been rewarded for his performance in Hobart’s MSS. Daniel Walker from NSW completes the top 10 on a round 50 points.

Have you competed but your position is listed as unknown, or as ‘not opted into rankings’? Want to compete and join the chase for Championship Points? Join the Pokémon Trainer Club and opt into rankings to join the quest to reach the 2016 Pokémon World Championships!

Special thanks to those that helped get this article happening.

  • Results: Brendan Webb, Gabriel Voon,  Martin Larumbe, Tim Walsh, Phil Nguyen, Matthew Roe, Cameron Dimond, Ed Trinh
  • Cover Image: Mitchell Dowling
  • Editing: Aaya

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