Around the Stadiums: Swampert Series #1 – A Premier Challenge Summary


Hi everyone, and welcome back to another edition of Around the Stadiums! Today we bring you results from March, the first month of the Swampert Series of Premier Challenges. We will also look at the results from the first Australian Mid Season Showdowns, which have brought with them the first Australians to qualify for a day one invitation to the World Championships!

Excitingly, the Regional and National Championship dates have been announced, as the domestic season winds towards its peak. The next few months of Premier Challenges will be key practice opportunities for these events, so be sure to get involved if you can.

To be sure you don’t miss your next chance to compete, you can keep up to date with the times and locations of all of Australia’s 2016 season Premier Challenges on Pokémon Australia’s events calendar.


New South Wales

New South Wales had a Mid Season Showdown to finish the month on March 27th, with a field of 30 attending with the aim of picking up some valuable Championship Points. Daniel Walker won, defeating Danniyal Dossani in the final. David Posniak, one of our representatives in the Nugget Bridge Major, finished in the top 4.

Mid-Season Showdown | Sunday, March 27th

Venue: Good Games Burwood
Attendance: 30


  1. Daniel Walker (@Ludicola31)
  2. Danniyal Dossani
  3. David Posniak
  4. Peter Seo
  5. Stephan Lowings
  6. Anthony During
  7. Nat Tillman
  8. Martin Larumbe (@BaseIN2)


March 19th saw Queensland get another chance to earn some Premier Challenge CP. Phil Nguyen came out the victor this time, defeating Richard Buckley in the final. Phil is in a good vein of form recently, as this PC win preceeded a 3-0 opening to his Nugget Bridge Major campaign. Regular faces Damon Murdoch and Paul Amedee also featured in the top 8 here to build on their CP scores.

Saturday, March 19th

Venue: Fastbreak Sports
Attendance: 17


  1. Phil Nguyen (@Boomguy_Pokemon)
  2. Richard Buckley (@Arahpthos)
  3. Damon Murdoch (@Sir_Scrubbs)
  4. Ty Farry
  5. Mike Cheung
  6. Paul Amedee (@The_Mastodon_BB)
  7. Blake Davies
  8. Luke Brown (@OmegaKnight_VGC)


Tasmania enjoyed three events this month, with two PC’s and a Mid Season Showdown. The March 5th event was won by Lochiel over Tristan in the final. The March 12th PC, March 13th Mid Season Showdown saw Victorians Matthew Roe and Chris Giagozoglou fly down for the weekend. Matthew Roe won both the PC and the Midseason Showdown, while Chris was top 4 and top 8 respectively. This was enough for both players to earn their Day 1 invitation to the World Championships by climbing over the 200 CP mark. Joining them were locals Brendan Webb, with his Top 4 at the MSS, and Chris Mathers, who also collected reasonable CP from a top 4 PC finish and a top 8 at the MSS. Given the dates, these players were the first four Australians to qualify for day 1 at the World Championships, a list we hope will only grow as the season goes on.

Saturday, March 5th

Venue: BattleAxe
Attendance: 6


  1. Lochiel
  2. Tristan
  3. Perri Deane
  4. Chris Mathers
Saturday, March 12th

Venue: BattleAxe
Attendance: 9


  1. Matt Roe (@RoeyVGC)
  2. Perri Deane
  3. Chris G
  4. Cameron Dimond
Mid-Season Showdown | Sunday, March 13th

Venue: BattleAxe
Attendance: 10
Usage Stats


  1. Matt Roe (@RoeyVGC)
  2. Tristan Baker
  3. Brendan Webb (@Floristthebudew)
  4. Lochiel Cameron

Western Australia

Western Australia didn’t have a PC this month, but they did have a Mid Season Showdown. Lionel Pryce won it over Alex Poole in the final, with both performing well enough to break over 200 CP and earn a day 1 invitation to the World Championships. Congratulations to both! Cory Thomas’ top four performance is also notable, leaving him just 8 CP shy of a World Championship invitation himself.

Mid-Season Showdown | Sunday, March 27th

Venue: Good Games Cannington
Attendance: 12


  1. Lionel Pryce (@CatGonkVGC)
  2. Alexander Poole
  3. Cory Thomas
  4. Benjamin O

South Australia

South Australia got their first event of the season in the form of a Mid Season Showdown on March 6th. Haris Sahovic, who we’ve seen in Victorian events, won Australia’s first MSS, defeating first year master Aaron Van Der Kolk in the final. Aaron’s performance suggests that he is making the step up from Seniors well.

Attendance: 20
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  1. Haris Sahovic (@HSahovic)
  2. Aaron Van Der Kolk
  3. Luke Curtale (@DawgVGC)
  4. Daniel Antony
  5. Luke Caruso
  6. Ben Madigan
  7. Lindsay Holly
  8. Clarence Chuah

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As always, keep checking our Events Calendar to be kept up to date with event announcements.

Australian CP Standings (Current as at 3rd April 2016)

Aus CP 3 April 2016

Full standings viewable here.

APAC Regional standings viewable here.

While the standings here show 6 now qualified for the World Championships, we note that there was an error regarding Matthew Roe’s points, and he should have 200 points, and hence a World Championship invitation. Brendan Webb remains on top of the standings with 252 CP.  The score required to be in the top 10 has climbed as a result of the MSS’s that have been occurring. Bailey Owen, who was sitting around 5th, has now dropped to 11th as a result of an eventless month, being overtaken by a number of Western Australian and Tasmanian counterparts, as well as those Victorians that went travelling this month in Chris G and Matt R.

There is as well a growing queue of people who will need just one solid performance at a Regional or National championship to also qualify for the World Championships, and potentially overtake our current CP frontrunners, so it would not be surprising to see these top 10 standings change drastically between now and the National Championship. Watch this space.

Have you competed but your position is listed as unknown, or as ‘not opted in to rankings’? Want to compete and join the chase for Championship Points? Join the Pokémon Trainer Club and opt in to rankings to join the quest to reach the 2016 Pokémon World Championships!

Do you have an online handle on Twitter, Pokémon Showdown or on Nugget Bridge that we’ve missed? Has your name been misspelled? Let us know so we can fix errors, and include more accurate information in future ‘Around the Stadiums’ publications.

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Special thanks to those that helped get this article happening:

Rob Whitehill (Editing), Nathan Cappelluti (Editing), Stacey Muscat (Results), Matthew Roe (Results), Alex Poole (Results), Phil Nguyen (Results), Brendan Webb (Results), Mitchell Dowling (Art)

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