Around The Stadiums: Sceptile Series #2 – A Premier Challenge Summary


Hello all, and welcome back to another edition of the Around the Stadiums Premier Challenge (PC) results wrap up. This edition will be the second and final edition of the Sceptile PC Series, with the Blaziken Series speed boosting off from December 1st. We’ve had PCs in four states over the last couple of weekends, so there is plenty of action to catch up on, and a few changes in the Championship Point (CP) leaderboard. We even had Australia’s first ‘Elevated’ level PC, which is a PC where the attendance is equal to or greater than 40 players, resulting in greater CP payouts for those in lower positions (Full details on CP payouts here).

To be sure you don’t miss your next chance to compete, you can keep up to date with the times and locations of all of Australia’s 2016 season Premier Challenges on Pokémon Australia’s events calendar.


New South Wales

New South Wales joined the Premier Challenge circuit just as the Sceptile Series was coming to an end. A healthy 34 Masters participants kicked it off, and Daniel Walker took home the honours after safely navigating the top cut, even though Youtuber and Twitch streamer Martin ‘BaseIN2’ Larumbe had made it through Swiss undefeated with a 6-0 record. Daniel defeated David Posniak in the final.

Sunday November 29th

Venue: Good Games, Burwood [ELEVATED] Attendance: 34 Masters (with the addition of Juniors/Seniors, this event reached Elevated status.)


  1. Daniel Walker
  2. David Posniak
  3. Corey Munro
  4. David Patane
  5. Martine Larumbe (@BaseIN2) Youtube
  6. Abu Siddik
  7. Jay Callaghan
  8. Michael Wrightson
  9. Danniyel Dossani
  10. Ben Murarotto
  11. Mitch Kendrick (@MitchVGC)
  12. Yuki Kono
  13. Peter Seo
  14. Joseph Do
  15. Roland Walker (@LumarioX) Youtube
  16. Brendan Sims


Queensland welcomed its first PC’s of the 2016 season a few weeks ago, with 31 Masters players attending the tournament at Nundah on November 15th to kick it off, followed by 23 at the same venue on the 22nd. Luke Brown took the win on the first weekend, and Damon Murdoch the second. 2015 World Championship representative Phil Nguyen was not competing, but was helping out with organising on the day. His presence and experience is sure to benefit the Brisbane Pokémon community, even if he is not going for glory this year.

Brisbane PC 2 Substitute BrisbanePC 2 winner

Photos courtesy of Phil Nguyen

Sunday November 15th

Venue: Fastbreak Sports, Nundah
Attendance: 31 Masters


  1. Luke Brown (@OmegaKnight_VGC)
  2. Richard Buckley (@Arahpthos)
  3. Brendan Wright (@buttonbashau)
  4. Dan Kendall
  5. Syahmi Razak
  6. Mustafaa Olomi (@mustykd)
  7. Jackson Mayberry
  8. Matthew Trapp
Saturday November 21st

Venue: Fastbreak Sports, Nundah
Attendance: 23 Masters


  1. Damon Murdoch (@Sir_Scrubbs)
  2. Matt Trapp
  3. Harrison Fiedler
  4. Paul Amedee (@The_Mastodon_BB)
  5. Luke Milligan
  6. Mustafaa Olomi (@mustykd)
  7. Richard Buckley (@Arahpthos)
  8. Ryan Currie


Brendan Webb has continued his dominance of the Tasmanian scene with three more PC wins. With a best finish limit (BFL) of 6 for Premier Challenges, Brendan is only one more win away from maxing out his CP, which will put him in a great position to qualify for Worlds with a solid showing in the Regional and National Championship period. Please bear with us if we’ve only listed your first name here as we haven’t got full details on everything from the Tasmanian events. Although Brendan Webb seems to have a near lock on the Tasmanian PC wins, we’ve seen the other results shared around a bit by others, including David, Chris Mathers and Lochiel, who will all be looking to grow their CP scores throughout the upcoming Blaziken Series to help their chances at a World Championships berth, a cause that may be helped if Brendan Webb completes his perfect BFL soon.

Saturday November 14th

Venue: BattleAxe, Huonville
Attendance: 7 Masters


  1. Brendan Webb (@Floristthebudew)
  2. David
  3. Jamie G
  4. Aidan Clarke (Skrazzy)
  5. Rose B
  6. Chris Carr
  7. Emma Piniferi
Saturday, November 21st

Venue: BattleAxe, Huonville
Attendance: 6 Masters


  1. Brendan Webb (@Floristthebudew)
  2. Christopher Mathers
  3. Aidan Clarke (Skrazzy)
  4. Perri
  5. Rene
  6. Sean
Saturday, November 28th

Venue: BattleAxe, Huonville
Attendance: 10 Masters, 1 Junior


  1. Brendan Webb (@Floristthebudew)
  2. Lochiel
  3. Perri
  4. Christopher Mathers
  5. Oliver
  6. Wade
  7. Matt
  8. Hayley
  9. Taite
  10. Sean


Werribee was home to the first Elevated PC in Australia, as it kicked off a double PC weekend for Victorians over the 21st/22nd. Bailey Owen and Nihal Noor continued their very strong starts to the season, with first and third place finishes for both of them over the course of the weekend. This continues the dominance shown by their top 4’s in the previous Morwell PC, and Bailey’s win in an earlier PokéMelbourne large grassroots tournament. We saw many familiar faces repeat previous good performances throughout the Victorian PCs so far. 2015 National Champion Matt Roe was among those picking up some valuable CP, going 5-0 in Swiss at Morwell before dropping his match in top cut to improve on his 11th at Werribee the day before.

Werribee PC

Photo courtesy of Russell Peters and GUF Werribee

The Box Hill PC on the 28th saw Bailey and Nihal’s run of top finishes end with neither making top cut, although they both ended up still earning CP. Matthew Jiwa was undefeated after Swiss, but Layne Hall was the winner after the top cut, defeating Matthew Roe in the final. Morwell PC runner up Ty Power also finished within the top 4. Layne revealed his PC winning team later on Twitter, along with many other top players on their blog at Austerrain.

Ballarat gave Victorians another chance to escape Melbourne in pursuit of CP on November 29th. Here Chris G picked up a win, making up for many bubbles earlier in the Sceptile Series. Nicholas Bingham was the runner up receiving a healthy amount of CP for his efforts. Christopher Kan had been undefeated in Swiss, but fell at top 4. Meaghan Rattle continues to quietly collect Championship Points, with this top 4 her best finish so far in the 2016 season.

Saturday, November 21st

Venue: GUF, Werribee
Attendance: 41 Masters (Elevated), 2 Seniors, 1 Junior


  1. Bailey Owen (@BargensVGC)
  2. Chris Kan
  3. Nihal Noor (@UchihaX96)
  4. Nicholas Bingham
  5. Jay Tyrrell
  6. Ben Veltmeyer
  7. Jordan Saunders (@JordeyShiroVGC)
  8. Meaghan Rattle
  9. Devlyn Wu
  10. Joshua Callister
  11. Matt Roe (@RoeyVGC)
  12. Micheal Abdelmessih (@GTVGC)
  13. Matt Jiwa (@JiwaVGC)
  14. Timothy Goh
  15. Ty Power (@TyyyPoWeR)
  16. Steven McMann
Sunday, November 22nd

Venue: NLG, Morwell
Attendance: ?


  1. Nihal Noor (@UchihaX96)
  2. Ty Power (@TyyyPoWeR)
  3. Bailey Owen (@BargensVGC)
  4. James Farrugia
  5. Matt Roe (@RoeyVGC)
  6. Ben Veltmeyer
  7. Robert Whitehill (@No1MachopFanVGC)
  8. Meaghan Rattle
Saturday November 28th

Venue: Good Games, Box Hill
Attendance: 44 (Elevated)


  1. Layne Hall (@LejnLejn)
  2. Matthew Roe (@RoeyVGC)
  3. Ty Power (@TyyyPoWeR)
  4. Haris Sahovic
  5. Matthew Jiwa (@JiwaVGC)
  6. David Ripper
  7. William Chan
  8. Andrew Mawardi
  9. Ryan Chase
  10. Nathan Farrugia
  11. Nihal Noor (@UchihaX96)
  12. Sam Hughes
  13. James Katsaros
  14. Meaghan Rattle
  15. Robert Whitehill (@No1MachopFanVGC)
  16. Bailey Owen (@BargensVGC)
Sunday November 29th

Venue: GUF, Ballarat
Attendance: 24 Masters


  1. Chris G
  2. Nicholas Bingham
  3. Christopher Kan
  4. Meaghan Rattle
  5. Bailey Gabell
  6. Cameron Dimond
  7. Robert Whitehill  (@No1MachopFanVGC)
  8. Sean Thomas

Western Australia

After a false start with their first scheduled PC, over the last couple of weekends Western Australia has had twice as many Premier Challenges as they had over all of last season! The midweek PC has again had some issues getting off the ground, as only three attendees entered on November 18th, a little short of the 8 minimum. Pokémon Australia understands that these Wednesday PCs may be discontinued due to this lack of support – understandable given the timing relative to work and school for many Pokémon players. Steven Williams was the winner of WA’s first completed PC of the 2016 season, beating 16 others, while community veteran Lionel Pryce won the second one, held on Sunday 22nd, after finishing in 8th place the previous PC. Alex Poole won the third PC held on November 29th, stepping up from his second placing at the November 15th event. Karl Acquino should also be happy with three top four finishes this month as well, a solid start and demonstration of consistency.

Sunday November 15th

Venue: Retro, Morely
Attendance: 17 Masters


  1. Steven Williams
  2. Alex Poole
  3. Benjamin O’Neill
  4. Karl Acquino
Wednesday November 18th

Venue: Retro, Morely

CANCELLED due to lack of numbers

Sunday November 22nd

Venue: Retro, Morely
Attendance: ?


  1. Lionel Pryce (@CatGonkVGC)
  2. Kevin Pal-lng
  3. Brendan Robeson
  4. Karl Aquino
Sunday November 29th

Venue: Retro, Morely
Attendance: 7 Masters, 2 Juniors


  1. Alex Poole
  2. Brendan Robeson
  3. Karl Aquino
  4. Ben O’Neill

Upcoming Events

A limited number of events have so far been announced for December. We will bring you more information about additional Premier Challenges for the upcoming Blaziken Series (Starting December) as soon as they’re announced, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, here’s what we have to look forward to:




Australian CP Standings

Top 10:

Aus CP Nov 30
(Taken from as of 30th November 2015, however many TO’s haven’t submitted results to TPCi yet, so these standings are inaccurate for now.)

The full standings for the Australian VGC Masters Division can be found by visiting the Pokémon website. The APAC Regional standings are viewable here.

While the Championship Points from last weekend haven’t all been added in on the Pokémon website yet, we can still see that there has been much movement in the CP standings since the last Around the Stadiums Publication. Brendan Webb’s five Premier Challenge wins have seen him zoom out to first in Australia, and second in the APAC region for CP, overtaking Joey Forster and his Boston Open CP after his most recent wins, as well as being the first Australian to get over 100 CP for this 2016 season. Lionel Pryce’s WA PC win added to his Boston Open CP to move him in to clear third place, and in to 9th in the APAC region as a whole. Meanwhile, Bailey Owen’s exploits in Victorian PCs have seen him jump up the rankings too as he moves into fourth place in Australia, hotly followed by Nihal Noor who has also been in strong form. Mitch Kendrick now sits in fifth, equal with Nihal, his Boston Open CP proving very helpful. With his win in the Ballarat PC on top of his Boston Open CP, we will expect to see Chris G jump up the rankings next update also, adding to his own Boston Open CP. Christopher Mathers is in 8th place, ahead of a large and growing group of single PC winners who round out the top 10 with 30CP a piece. All in all, 68 Australians have now earned Championship Points, a number we hope to see grow as the Premier Challenge Blaziken Series kicks off.

Want to compete and join the chase for Championship Points? Join the Pokémon Trainer Club and opt in to rankings to join the quest to reach the 2016 Pokémon World Championships!

Do you have an online handle on Twitter, Pokémon Showdown or on Nugget Bridge that we’ve missed? Has your name been misspelled? Let us know so we can fix errors, and include more accurate information in future ‘Around the Stadiums’ publications.

We’d love to see your photos from Premier Challenges! Feel free to send them, and results, through to the writing team at Pokémon Australia. You can contact them here:

PokeAus Facebook Page
Email: [email protected]


Special thanks to those that helped get this article happening:

Phil Nguyen (Results, Photos), Brendan Webb (Results), Mitchell Dowling (Art), Lionel Pryce (Results), Robert Whitehill (Editing, Results), Nathan Cappelluti (Editing, verification), Russell Peters (Photos), Alex Poole (Results), GUF Ballarat (Photos), GUF Werribee (Photos).


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