Around The Stadiums: Blaziken Series #1 – A Premier Challenge Summary


Hello all! All of us here at PokeAus hope you had an enjoyable and safe time over the Christmas/New Year period. This edition of Around the Stadiums covers the first month of the Blaziken Premier Challenge series, which was also the last month of events operating under the VGC2015 ruleset. From January, all events will be conducted using the VGC2016 ruleset, and can see how the rules will be enforced at events here. During the month, the 2016 World Championship qualifying process was announced. We’ll cover that in a little more depth in the Championship Point Standings analysis, but you can read up on what it means for Australian competitors here.

December saw a decrease in the number of events held compared to November. However, we still saw Premier Challenges held in four states, and many competitors continuing to accumulate Championship Points to build on their Sceptile Series results.

To be sure you don’t miss your next chance to compete, you can keep up to date with the times and locations of all of Australia’s 2016 season Premier Challenges on Pokémon Australia’s events calendar.



Queensland had one event in December, returning to Nundah on the 12th. This event was taken out by Joey Schooth, defeating Richard Buckley in the final. Matthew Trapp and Mustafaa Olomi both picked up their third top cut for the season, while Phil Nguyen came out of retirement to secure a top 8 finish and some CP for the 2016 season.

Saturday, December 12th

Venue: Fastbreak Sports, Nundah
Attendance: ?


  1. Joey Schooth
  2. Richard Buckley (@Arahpthos)
  3. Mustafa Olomi (@mustykd)
  4. Matthew Trapp
  5. Luke Milligan
  6. Chris Ayling
  7. Luke Young
  8. Phil Nguyen (@Boomguy_Pokemon)


Tasmania had a couple of PC’s in December. The first of them was won by Brendan Webb, who now has reached his Best Finish Limit (BFL) of 6 PC’s, with a perfect 6 wins out of 6, meaning that he can no longer collect Championship points until either an online competition comes along, or until we reach Regionals/Nationals season. This opens up the chance for some of Brendan’s fellow Tasmanians to pick up the valuable 30 CP for a win. The first to do this was Chris Mathers, who stepped up from being runner up to Brendan on December 5th, winning the December 12th PC, Tasmania’s final PC for the year.

Saturday, December 5th

Venue: BattleAxe
Attendance: ?


  1. Brendan Webb (@Floristthebudew)
  2. Chris Mathers
  3. Lochiel
  4. Perri
  5. Oliver
  6. Wade
  7. Chris Carr
  8. Sean
Saturday, December 12th

Venue: BattleAxe
Attendance: ?


  1. Chris Mathers
  2. Chris Carr
  3. Lewis
  4. Wade Cleaver
  5. Perri Deane
  6. Sean Gressie
  7. Aidan Clarke
  8. David Stevens


Morwell hosted Victoria’s last two PCs for 2015. The December 6th PC saw a top cut of eight, with quite a few regular faces making cut. The December 20th PC saw a top cut of only four. Meaghan Rattle continued her run of PC performances, but was beaten by Galvin Hui in the final. Fellow top cutters were Chris Kan and Chris G, who are both accumulating good amounts of CP too.

Sunday, December 6th

Venue: NLG Morwell
Attendance: ?


  1. Christopher Kan
  2. Cameron Diamond
  3. James Katsaros
  4. Bailey Owen (@BargensVGC)
  5. James Farrugia
  6. Meaghan Rattle
  7. Tyson Lewis
  8. Chris G
Sunday, December 20th

Venue: NLG Morwell
Attendance: 17 Masters


  1. Galvin Hui
  2. Meaghan Rattle
  3. Chris Kan
  4. Chris G
  5. Cameron Dimond
  6. Mandy Hui
  7. Nicholas Bingham (@ludicolopatrol)
  8. Michael Abdelmessih (@GreatTornadoVGC)

Western Australia

Western Australia’s final Premier Challenge for the year saw Corey Thomas take out top prize, ahead of consistent top-cutter Karl Acquino, Francis D’Souza, and community veteran Lionel Pryce.

Sunday, December 20th

Venue: Good Games Cannington
Attendance: ?


  1. Cory Thomas
  2. Karl Acquino
  3. Francis D’Souza
  4. Lionel Pryce (@CatGonkVGC)

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Australian CP Standings (Current as at 31/12/2015)

Full standings viewable here.
APAC Regional standings viewable here.

As mentioned earlier, during December we had the format for 2016 revealed, as well as the World Championship qualification system. As entry to Day 1 at Worlds is granted by passing a Championship Point bar this year, the magic number for all Australian Masters players to look out for is 200 CP. As the maximum CP one can gain from PC’s is 180, which Brendan Webb has achieved, we likely won’t see any Australians pass that 200 mark until Regionals season rolls around. But as you can see, we’ve now got many people who have made good progress towards that bar – Brendan being just 20 away means he only needs a small amount of CP at a Regional or National Championship to earn his unpaid invitation.

Behind Brendan, Christopher Mathers and Lionel Pryce have both passed the 100CP mark, and are halfway to a World Championship appearance already. Meanwhile Bailey Owen is just under that mark, having also leapfrogged Joey Forster with his Boston Open CP. A lot of consistent performers have also moved up the rankings, with Nihal Noor, Meaghan Rattle, Mitch Kendrick, Chris Kan and Ty Power rounding out the top 10, with Meaghan and Chris adding healthy amounts of CP to their tallies this month. The front of the field is spread relatively evenly in terms of CP counts at the moment aside from Brendan Webb’s huge lead, with 32 CP enough to land 25th spot, but there is still much time in the season for these positions to change. Regional and National Championship performances are very important for determining who earns invitations to the World Championships because of their large CP payouts, and given that only four paid invitations are available to the APAC region, strong performances in PC’s will need to be backed up by strong performances in those higher level events as well to ensure a visit to Day 2 at the World Championships.

These are the standings at the end of 2015, and with all future events to be played in the VCG2016 format, we shall see if those leading the CP rankings at the moment can keep their 2015 form going, or whether unheralded players will seize their chance in the new ruleset.

Have you competed but your position is listed as unknown, or as ‘not opted in to rankings’? Want to compete and join the chase for Championship Points? Join the Pokémon Trainer Club and opt in to rankings to join the quest to reach the 2016 Pokémon World Championships!

Do you have an online handle on Twitter, Pokémon Showdown or on Nugget Bridge that we’ve missed? Has your name been misspelled? Let us know so we can fix errors, and include more accurate information in future ‘Around the Stadiums’ publications.

We’d love to see your photos from Premier Challenges! Feel free to send them, and results, through to the writing team at Pokémon Australia. You can contact them here:

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Special thanks to those that helped get this article happening:

Phil Nguyen (Results, Photos), Brendan Webb (Results), Mitchell Dowling (Art), Lionel Pryce (Results), Robert Whitehill (Editing, Results), Nathan Cappelluti (Editing, verification), Russell Peters (Photos), Alex Poole (Results), GUF Ballarat (Photos), GUF Werribee (Photos).

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