Around the Stadiums: Autumn Series #1 A Premier Challenge Summary


Hello everyone, welcome to the Around the Stadiums coverage for the 2017 season, where we bring you Premier Challenge Results from around Australia from September, October and November. It may have started a little slowly, but the season has started in Australia, with events having being held in Western Australia and Tasmania during the first couple of months, with Victoria and New South Wales joining them late in November. Pokémon Sun and Moon have been out for over a week now, and the 2017 ruleset is coming into force, so we look forward to seeing more local Premier Challenges up and happening soon.

To be sure you don’t miss your next chance to compete, you can keep up-to-date with the times and locations of all of Australia’s 2016 season Premier Challenges on Pokémon Australia’s events calendar. If you’re confused by any terms you see here, make sure to check out our Glossary of terms to help get you up to speed.



Tasmania kicked off Australia’s VGC 2017 season with an event in September, and followed it up with another Premier Challenge in the middle of October. As he did last year, Brendan Webb swept up both to leap to 40 CP for the year, while Lochiel Cameron was runner-up both times.

Xth September

Venue: BattleAxe


  1. Brendan Webb
  2. Lochiel Cameron
  3. Perri Deane
  4. Oliver F
  5. Hayley Kendall
  6. Liam Palmer
  7. Sebastian J
Sunday, October 16th

Venue: BattleAxe


  1. Brendan Webb (@floristthebudew)
  2. Lochiel Cameron
  3. Chris Carr
  4. Hayley Kendall
  5. Matt Joyce
  6. Wade Cleaver

Western Australia

Perth trainers were treated to their first Premier Challenge of the 2017 season on October 9th. The results seem familiar to what we often saw throughout 2016, with Day 2 World Championship representative Alex Poole taking out the day. Alex defeated Karl Acquino in the final, getting his season off to another good start. In the follow-up Premier Challenge on November 13th, Alex was unseated, losing in the final to Benjamin O’Neill. Despite that, Alex is off to a good start as he aims to return to Day 2 at the World Championships. Karl Acquino will also be happy, with a top 4 finish in the November Premier Challenge giving him a good start to his pursuit of a World Championship invitation.

Sunday, October 9th

Venue: Good Games Cannington


  1. Alex Poole (@Triceratopsx5)
  2. Karl Acquino
  3. Brendan Robeson (@Robeson64)
  4. Zac Andrew Corrigan
Sunday, November 13th

Venue: Good Games Cannington

Attendance: 13, with 10 Masters


  1. Benjamin O’Neill
  2. Alex Poole (@Triceratops5x)
  3. Gabriel Voon (@WoomyVGC)
  4. Karl Acquino


Many Victorian players chose to farewell Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire by wearing suits to their final VGC 2016 format Premier Challenge in Box Hill. James Farrugia was businesslike in victory, defeating 2016 Worlds Day 2 representative Meaghan Rattle in the final. We saw quite a few other World Championship competitors make the top cut in what was a very strong field.


Photo Credit: Arvin Banerjee (@EspyyVGC)

Saturday November 26th

Venue: Good Games Box Hill

Attendance: 32


  1. James Farrugia (@faybzplays)
  2. Meaghan Rattle (@Avenged Werehog)
  3. Robert McAndrew (@DexVGC)
  4. Morgan Morton
  5. James Katsaros (@ChosenFutureVGC)
  6. Christopher Kan
  7. Robert Whitehill (@No1MachopFanVGC)
  8. Jay Tyrrell

New South Wales

Held concurrently with the Premier Challenge in Victoria, New South Wales also saw off VGC 2016  after waiting patiently for events. Bondi Junction hosted its first Premier challenge, and we hope to see many more events held at Bondi in the future Daniel Walker was undefeated in sets all day, taking out David Posniak in the final, while Jimmy Chen and Jackson Bankovic rounded out the top 4.

Saturday November 26th

Venue: Bondi Junction

Attendance: 28


  1. Daniel Walker (@Ludicola)
  2. David Posniak
  3. Jimmy Chen
  4. Jackson Bankovic
  5. Danniyal Dossayani
  6. Arkie Owen
  7. Jay Callaghan
  8. Ruben Leceg

Upcoming Events

*Stay tuned for an article later this week covering all sanctioned events for December!

Australian CP Standings

With so few events held so far, there’s not much to stay about the CP standings at the moment. All we can say is that our 2016 World Championship top cut representative, Sam Pandelis is in the lead at the moment thanks to his attendance of events while on holiday in Europe. We look forward to giving this a bit more coverage once more events happen, with those at home given a chance to catch up to Sam.

Full standings viewable here.
APAC Regional standings viewable here.

With the CP bar for a World Championship invitation increased compared to last year, and the number of Day 2 places increased from last year as well, the race for a place at Anaheim in 2017 will be tough. As the competition for invitations unfolds throughout the year, we’ll keep you up to date here with how it progresses.

Have you competed but your position is listed as unknown, or as ‘not opted into rankings’? Want to compete and join the chase for Championship Points? Join the Pokémon Trainer Club and opt into rankings to join the quest to reach the 2016 Pokémon World Championships!

Special thanks to those that helped get this article happening:

Brendan Webb (Results), Alex Poole (Results), Mitchell Dowling (Cover Image), Martin Larumbe (Results), Robert McAndrew (Results), Arvin Banerjee (Photo)

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