Jackson’s Team (ACSA Tournament Champion)

Foreword: Hey, PokeAustralia. When I saw the amazing trophy on ACSA, I knew that I had to make a perfect team to win it. I was tested many teams on PS such as Skill Swap + Tyranitar team, Empoleon/Landorus etc. Finally, I decided to make a rain team (NOT bog standard rain team because they are just…. bad). My team’s core was Kingdra/Politoed. When I completed my team, I had a really fun time practicing with it. I hope you won’t be bored reading my RMT because it is not same team as before! Let’s start!


230Kingdra @ Life Orb
Nature: Modest
Ability: Swift Swim
EVs: 252 SpAtt, 252Spd and 4 HP
– Muddy water
– Draco Meteor
– Substitute
– Protect

Kingdra is fantastic rain sweeper because of its ability and perfect STABs. Kingdra is the fastest Dragon-type Pokémon in rain and can OHKO other Dragon-type Pokémon with Draco Meteor. Muddy Water can hit both opponent Pokémon without worrying about hitting its partner. Substitute is one of my favourite moves in VGC because you can block Thunder Wave (except Thundurus-I) and Spore, and more easily predict your opponent’s use of Protect/TR/etc.. Protect was pretty self-explanatory.


186Politoed @ Water Gem
Nature: Modest
Ability: Drizzle
EVs: 252 HP, 172 SpAtt, 72 SpDef and 12 speed
– Hydro Pump
– Icy Wind
– Hidden Power Grass
– Protect

You can’t have rain team without Politoed. It can OHKO plenty of pokemon with Water Gem Hydro Pump in rain. It used to have ice beam but I realised that my team has no speed control. It can provide more support to my team. HP Grass is for hitting Gastrodon/Politoed/other Water-type Pokémon who are resistant/immune to Hydro Pump. Politoed’s EVs allow it to always survive Latios’ Dragon Gem Draco Meteor. 12 speed EV to outspeed base 70 Speed Pokémon with 4 speed EV such as Hitmontop/Metagross, and can OHKO them with Hydro Pump.


642_thundurus_sacred_beast_forme_a_by_aschefield101-d4zyummThundurus-T @ Choice Spec
Nature: Timid
Ability: Volt Absorb
EVs: 252 Spd, 248 SpAtt and 8 HP
– Thunder
– Grass Knot
– HP flying
– Volt Switch

Thundurus-T is another rain abuser with Electric/Flying STABs. Thunder in rain can hit like a truck without resistance/immunity: it can hit Cresselia for 50% HP! Grass Knot is for Tyranitar, Gastrodon and Ground-type pokemon. It used to have scarf Modest HP ice, I decided to use Spec Timid HP flying because it can hit Ludicolo/Hitmontop/Scrafty/Amoonguss much harder. Volt Switch should be used more in VGC because it can give you more momentum if you use it really wisely. For example: Me vs Cameron, Thundurus-T OHKO full HP Zapdos with thunder in rain.


392Infernape @ Focus Sash
Nature: Naive
Ability: Blaze
EVs: 252 Spd, 140 SpA and 116 Att
– Fake Out
– Encore
– Heat Wave
– Close Combat

You may think that Infernape in rain is weird. Fake out can stop the opponent’s strategy and let my Kingdra use sub or Thundurus-T can use any move for free turn. Encore is a great move because most Pokémon use Protect against it, and you can punish them by locking them into it. For Example: Me vs Dylan in Quarter Final, My Infernape’s Encore ruined his team strategy. It used Encore on Ludicolo’s fake out and Porygon-2’s ice beam, forcing him to switch a lot. Heat Wave/CC is important because you can hit Ferrothorn, Tyranitar and many other threats to rain teams.


625Bisharp @ Dark Gem
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Defiant
EVs: 252 Att, 252 HP and 6 speed.
– Sucker Punch
– Night Slash
– Low Kick
– Protect

My MVP on tournament day. Sucker Punch is a great priority STAB move with Dark Gem to check Latios and other Trick Room Psychic Pokémon. Night Slash is another great STAB move when you think it would use Sub/TR/Fake Out. Low Kick to hit hard on Tyranitar/Heatran/Ferrothorn/Empoleon. Dark/Fighting is perfect coverage, only resisted by Heracross and Toxicroak which it can check anyway. It was great TR counter because you can get an attack boost from Intimidate Fakers Out such as Hitmontop and use dark STABs to hit everything without resistance hard. You should not underrate this excellent pokemon.


591Amoonguss @ Black Sludge
Nature: Calm (0 speed IVs)
Ability: Regenerator
EVs: 252 HP, 84 Def and 174 SpDef
– Spore
– Giga Drain
– Protect
– Rage Powder

Amoonguss was my another TR and opposition rain team counter. Calm nature with 0 speed IVs because you can outspeed and cripple -Speed 0 IV Amoonguss and Ferrothorn outside of Trick Room. Amoonguss EV’s spread will always survive Metagross’ Zen Headbutt and can put Spore on it. Rage Powder was great support move for my rain team because you can let my Kingdra/Thundurus/Politoed/Bisharp use sub or attacking moves. Effect Spore Ability was not helpful because I didn’t want to give away status on Guts or a Speed boost for a Trick Room Sweeper from paralysis, plus you can’t use Spore if the target gets a status aliment from Effect Spore. It was an important Pokémon to use against someone who tried to use a team with Beat Up-Justified/Psych Up. Rage Powder forced the opponent to attack my Amoonguss, freeing up its partner to shut down the team and help me win.


Team Synergy:

  1. Kingdra/Politoed: I use them if I see the opponent’s team lacks Storm Drain/resistance to Water/Tyranitar. They can hit hard with water-type attacks.
  2. Kingdra/Infernape: If I know the team has a Tyranitar or weather-inducer, Infernape can use fake out/encore while Kingdra sets up Substitute. Infernape can cover threats to Kingdra, such as Ferrothorn/Empoleon/Tyranitar.
  3. Infernape/Thundurus-T: If someone has Ludicolo/Amoonguss/other rain counters. Thundurus-T can hit hard on water-type Pokémon/Salamence/Zapdos.
  4. Amoonguss/Bisharp or Infernape: If someone heavily relies on Hitmontop/Cresselia and Trick Room. It can use Spore on the Trick Room sweeper/user before It can do anything. Bisharp can hit hard on Trick Room users and priority Sucker Punch bypasses Trick Room.
  5. Bisharp/Thundurus-T: It’s easy for this pair to punish someone who leads with Hitmontop/Cresselia because Thundurus-T can OHKO Hitmontop and other Fighting Pokémon while Bisharp can OHKO Cresselia.
  6. Kingdra/Thundurus-T: Usually a mid-game combo. They can outspeed and do huge damage on anything in rain. Thundurus-T can 2HKO Ferrothorn with HP flying.
  7. Amoonguss/Thundurus-T: They are weak to Ice-type attacks but they can work really well because Amoonguss can use Rage Powder to lure attacks away while Thundurus can hit opponents hard with its Specs-boosted attacks.

About Stacey

Owner of this website, and control freak. Stacey formats PokeAus articles, and deals with back-end maintenance. Her aim this year is to collect data and write up usage stat articles for both the TCG and VGC community to enjoy.


  1. LOL

    It’s William Hall’s team from Winter VGC’s in Long Beach, slightly altered.

    • That’s really good to hear that at our events people are trying to use teams that are successful. Makes Australia’s competitive battle scene look more serious.

      • Yes but it’s not good to see someone blatantly steals a team and tries to make it as their own.

  2. Yes, Hugh, but he claimed it as his own rather than giving credit where it was due, at least to avoid plagiarism / scrutiny if not to just do it for respect.

    I’m all for this website and competitions in Australia, I hope to see you guys added to the WCS next year since there seems to be a really solid playerbase, and everyone Australian player I’ve come across has been a pleasure to battle. Just trying to avoid any extra controversy here and in the future. Probably best to either revise the article or take it down for the time being.

    • Would you be able to link me to the original post of the other guys team? I’ll happily add in a link and revise the post for FamousDeaf.

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