A look inside Pokkén Tournament


With a new CoroCoro hitting shelves, and the official Japanese website going live for Pokkén Tournament, we now have news on when it will be making it’s way down under! The game now has a world wide release date of Spring (so Autumn in Australia)!

Pokkén Tournament will feature a variety of modes including:

  • Single Battle – which has three different difficulty levels.
  • Local Battle – where one player plays using the GamePad, and the other with a standard controller.
  • Online Mode – including two sections:
    • Friendly Matches: which can be played against anyone, those on your Friends List, or people who have the Battle Code for your friendly match.
    • Ranked Matches: where you can earn various rank points, based on your success including online rankings and competitions.

Below are some images from in-game (click for full view):


Source: Official Japanese Pokkén Tournament Website

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