2017 Australia/NZ Pokémon Regionals Information

It’s Regionals time in Australia and New Zealand! ESL will be hosting combined VGC and TCG Regionals events in three different cities in the month of June, details can all be found below!

Sydney Regionals – June 10th & 11th

Auckland Regionals – June 17th

Perth Regionals – June 24th & 25th

ESL have set up a dedicated website where you can get more information on the events.

Entry Fees

  • Masters – AU$30 (NZ$30 for Auckland)
  • Seniors – AU$20 (NZ$20 for Auckland)
  • Juniors – AU$20 (NZ$20 for Auckland)

The first 5 masters to register at each event, and the first 5 juniors/seniors to register receive free entry to the event!

Registration is in person only at the event from 8am, there is no online preregistration! There will be card facilities on site at all three venues however consider having cash as a backup just in case.

Player Caps

  • Sydney – 170 VGC + 130 TCG
  • Auckland – 100 VGC + 100 TCG
  • Perth – 170 VGC + 130 TCG

About Tim Crockford

Tim, aka the PokeDad, after playing through the 2015 season of both VGC and TCG, realised that being beaten by 16 year olds at 32 probably wasn't the right way to go about attending events with his son, so in 2016 can be found at the judging tables doing his best to look like he belongs there.

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  1. Only 2 events? Really? Pathetic! That’s not going to grow the esport at all!!

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