2017 Oceania International Championship – VGC Day 1 Wrap Up

The first day of the Oceania International Championships have come to a close and we’re taking a quick look at how the day went for the best VGC players in the world!

Although we thought the day would be without a stream, Tim Crockford aka PokeDad, pulled through with a stream on his twitch channel MeloettaMinstrels. Both TCG and VGC games were featured, with Ty Power (@SarkastikVGC) and Tom Schultz (@SchultzyVGC) providing high quality commentary throughout the VGC matches.

263 Masters competitors came to the Melbourne Park Function Center to compete for the title of the Oceania International Champion. These numbers meant that there was 9 swiss rounds, using best-of-three format, with all of them played on Day 1. There will be a top cut of 32 players moving on to Day 2.


Here is a country break down for Top 32 thanks to Sam Pandelis (@ZeldaVGC).

  • Australia – 7
  • Asia Pacific – 6
  • USA – 5
  • UK – 4
  • Spain – 2
  • Argentina – 2
  • Italy – 2
  • German – 2
  • Japanese – 2

We hope you all enjoyed the day, and we look forward to seeing how Day 2 of the the Oceania International Championship turns out. If you’re not at the venue you can stay tuned to our twitter, or the twitch stream to follow the action, and if you are at the venue, see you there!

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  1. What about the senior division?

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