2016 Pokémon VGC Regionals – Sydney: Analysis and Usage Stats


On Saturday the 14th of May, 242 trainers descended on Sydney’s Paddington Town Hall for the Sydney VGC Regional Championships, with 176 of them being Masters, 31 Seniors and 35 Juniors. Round 1 was played as a best of three set, while the rest of the swiss rounds were best of one. Top Cut was played as Best of Three

Martin Larumbe went through the day undefeated to claim the title, improving further on his top 4 finish in Adelaide. This will leave Martin near the top of Australia’s Championship Point standings. In the final against Martin was fellow local Daniel Walker, who capitalised on his good local form, and improved on his finish in Adelaide with a strong swiss record and top cut performance. Championship points from this tournament should see Daniel earn a day 1 World Championship invitation.

Travelers Richard Buckley from Queensland, and Sam Pandelis, who won in Adelaide a fortnight ago, rounded out the top 4. The top 8 saw some local names fill the spots, while some of our previewed travelers like Emma Williams and Phil Nguyen missed out on the top cut. Richard Buckley’s top 4 finish leaves him with just a couple more poitns to get to qualify for a day 1 World Championship invitation, which we expect to see him earn when he plays at his home regional in Brisbane next weekend.

In the Senior Division, Patrick McCann defeated Liam Gilbert in the final, and Adelaide Champion Hamish Davidson-McLeod finished in the top 4. In the Junior Division, Jack Gilbert was victorious.

FINALS – Martin Larumbe VS Daniel Walker


Top Cut Teams

1. Martin Larumbe (@BaseIN2)

2. Daniel Walker (@Ludicola31)

3. Richard Buckley (@Arahpthos)

4. Sam Pandelis (@ZeldaVGC)

5. Joseph Do

6. Denaysh Selvakkumar 

7. Brent Tonisson

8. Simon Konsti

Top Cut Usage Data and Analysis

5 – Kangaskhan, Groudon, Salamence

4 – Smeargle

3 – Xerneas, Talonflame, Thundurus-I, Kyogre

2 – Landorus-T, Dialga, Ferrothorn, Rayquaza

1 – Mawile, Gourgeist, Bronzong, Mewtwo Y, Crawdaunt, Swellow, Scizor, Crobat, Weavile


The ‘Big 6′ archetype was victorious here in Sydney, as it was in Adelaide and Auckland. Will its reign of terror ever end? If we look at the rest of the top cut here, the answer is: maybe. While there were three Big 6 archetype teams in the Sydney Top Cut, down one on Adelaide, we saw some new success from the Dual Primal and Ray/Ogre archetypes, which failed to top cut in Adelaide. The Dialga/Kyogre archetype also featured in the finals again, albeit with a slightly different lineup to Adelaide. All in all, this is promising for the idea that something that is not big 6 will win in at least one of the remaining Regional Championships for this season.

We also saw a few niche archetypes make it in to top cut again here, with the frail dual mega Mewtwo/Rayquaza pairing, and the Groudon weak Dialga/Groudon pairing slotting in to top 8, proving again that you can bring more than one standard team to be successful. Kangaskhan and Salamence were equally as popular as Mega options, often featuring on the same team as a flexible dual mega pairing, while the only other Mega option to feature more than once was Rayquaza.

Kyogre is still not as popular as Groudon in Australia, perhaps because our tendency towards droughts, but it featured once more here than in Adelaide, and tied with Xerneas as the second most used restricted Pokemon. The 2010 style Choice Scarf Kyogre even returned in Simon Konsti’s team, perhaps making use of the best of one format to overwhelm opponents with its speed and power.

Xerneas usage was down from Adelaide, while Thundurus-I usage was up, which may be the beginning of a trend, given Thundurus’ ability to give Xerneas, Smeargle and Trick Room setters, to name a few, a hard time, something useful in a local metagame where Big 6 style teams still seems to be common even if they’re falling in usage slightly.

Crawdaunt and Swellow aren’t Pokemon that we’ve ever expected to see top cut, even in previous formats, but Denaysh Selvakkumar clearly piloted them with great skill to take a team combining both of them, as well as some other unorthodox picks, to the top cut. Meanwhile, Daniel Walker’s Gourgeist is an interesting pick in a team archetype that usually enjoys the Steel type of Ferrothorn over Gourgeist’s Ghost type – Daniel instead opted for the power of Mawile as a second steel type in his team. That said, we also saw Gourgeist cut in Adelaide, so it is not quite as surprising as Crawdaunt and Swellow.

Huge thanks to our guys for attending the event and obtaining team information. Well done to everyone who competed, and congratulations to the finalists and winners. The next stop on the Regionals calender is Brisbane on Saturday 21st May, with registration starting at 9am, so stay tuned for the preview for that which is due out later this week.

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