2016 Pokémon VGC Regionals – Brisbane: Analysis and Usage Stats


It was Brisbane’s turn to hold a Regional Championship on Saturday the 21st of May, with 157 trainers descending on the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre in Southbank to test themselves against each other for the title of Regional Champion.

Sydney Champion Martin Larumbe continued his run of hot form, making the finals again to catapult to an estimated first place for Championship Points in the APAC Region, which gives him a real crack at a paid Day 2 Invitation to the World Championships, depending on his performance at the National Championships. His bid for two Regional Championships in a season was thwarted by local hope Richard Buckley, who continued his own strong run of form by winning here, improving on his top 4 finish in Sydney and guaranteeing a Day 1 invitation to the World Championships in the process.

Daniel Walker continued his run of featuring in Regional top cuts, this time with a top 8 placing, and Mitch Kendrick showed why he’s been in the Honourable Mentions during multiple previews by cracking in to the top cut with his top 4 finish. Josh Callaghan should also be happy with his 3rd place finish as another strong peformance in a solid season. Also in the top 8, Damon Murdoch made sure ‘Big 6’ was still well represented, albeit with a big 5+Cresselia team, while Shisir L and Alex Kollasch showcased the utility of the relatively unused Metagross and Espeon respectively on their teams, while maintaining a Xerneas+Groudon core.

As Regional CP has not been updated for any Regionals as yet, it is getting a little more difficult to say where people will sit in their rankings as a result of this and other Regional Championships, so bear with us if you’ve crossed 200CP from this tournament and we’ve missed it.

Top Cut Teams

1. Richard Buckley (@Arahpthos)

2. Martin Larumbe (@BaseIN2)

3. Josh Callaghan
Rayquaza/Crobat/Kyogre/Gengar/Togekiss/Landorus T

4. Mitch Kendrick (@MitchVGC)

5. Daniel Walker (@Ludicola31)

6. Damon Murdoch (@Sir_Scrubbs)

7. Shisir L

8. Alexander Kollasch

Top Cut Usage Data and Analysis

5 – Kangaskhan, Xerneas, Groudon

4 – Kyogre, Smeargle

3 – Talonflame

2 – Bronzong, Thundurus-I, Salamence, Crobat, Gengar, Landorus-T

1 – Rayquaza, Togekiss, Mawile, Gourgeist, Dialga, Cresselia, Whimsicott, Metagross, Sableye, Espeon

The ‘Big 6’ Archetype was finally knocked off its perch this week as the Dual Primal+Bronzong core was on the winning team this week, but ‘Big 6’ still performed strongly with a second place and a top 8, with another couple of Groudon+Xerneas cores in the top 8. Aside from that, common cores were fairly evenly distributed, with a RayOgre core, and a Dialga Kyogre core also featuring.

Mitch Kendrick’s top 4 team with Xerneas and Kyogre is particularly interesting to consider, appearing to be a hybrid of Bronzong Dual Primals and ‘Big 6′ taking the Bronzong and Kyogre from the former, and the Xerneas from the latter. It would appear to bank on using to use the strengths of both archetypes, with Xerneas’ set up potential outside of Trick Room near unrivalled, and Bronzong+Kyogre very difficult to stop inside Trick Room.

Smeargle usage remains high, although not quite as common as Kangaskhan, Xerneas and Groudon, while Kyogre’s usage appears to be continuing to tick up in Regional top cuts. Gourgeist featured again, in its third regional top cut of the year, as Daniel Walker continues to showcase its strengths.

Trick Room appeared to be an increasingly common strategy on a number of teams, with Dialga, Cresselia, Gourgeist and Bronzong all Pokémon that we see frequently carry the move. The numbers of these Pokémon seen has trended upwards over the course of the Regional season, and trainers in future Regionals should probably keep an eye out for the Trick Room strategy while building their teams, although it is also worth noting many of these top cut teams have fast mode options as well, meaning that they have multiple paths to victory other than just flipping the speeds on their head.

Huge thanks to our guys for attending the event and obtaining team information. Well done to everyone who competed, and congratulations to the finalists and winners. The next stop on the Regionals calendar is the monster which is Melbourne on Sunday 29th May, with registration starting at 9am, so stay tuned for the preview for that which is due out later this week.

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