2016 Nugget Bridge Major: Aussie Round 1 Key Match Ups


The Nugget Bridge Major has kicked off, and Round 1 is now live! There are some tricky pairings we have going for Australia and its players. We’ll go through and list them, showing why you should be interested on the results with each match. You can also keep track of how Australia’s representatives go in this tournament, both individually and collectively, via an online spreadsheet.

R Inanimate vs. FloristtheBudew

We’ll focus more on Randy Kwa (R Inanimate), who has competed on the Worlds stage as well getting Top 4 at a National before. He is one of the most recognized Canadian players and has proven his prowess many times. As for Brendan Webb (FloristtheBudew), he managed to get Top 8 at last year’s Australian Nationals. This is one of the tougher match-ups for the Australians this round of the Major. So hopefully we’ll see a good result come out for Australia here!

Nohomers vs. Megachar10

Here we have Australian VGC player Nohomers (Josh Matos) paired against Megachar10 (Mihrab Samad), an American Senior who has showed he has what it takes to win with his Top 8 at US Nationals last season and coming 23rd at Worlds! Josh will be looking to make a name for himself here as Mihrab will prove an excellent opponent.

Primitive vs. Mind Ape

Next on our list of match ups we have Primitive (Michael Fladung) up against our own Mindape (Rhydian Cowley). Michael is a regional winning player who hails from Colorado, North America. He’s shown the capability to win tournaments so Rhydian has to watch out. Rhydian has shown he can perform well in online tournaments, getting a second place finish in one of the Nugget Bridge Live tournaments that run 3 times a week. With these tournaments getting around 40 or more players, it shows he has the ability to win games. We’ll be looking forward to Mindape getting the win this round.

Jovistron vs. Dextyrious

For this pair up we have two Australians facing off. We have Jovistron (Wilson Quan) against Rob McAndrew (Dextyrious). Both players will be looking to cement their start to the major with a win. Unfortunately only one winner can come out as the victor so we’ll just have to hope the player that comes second can bounce back with a win with round 2!

Stay tuned as we continue to keep you updated with our Aussies and how they are going throughout the 2016 Nugget Bridge Major!

About FloristtheBudew

Howdy friends. My name's Brendan Webb and I first started in the VGC 2015 season. I was fortunate enough to Top Cut the 15' Australian Nationals with a 6th placement and managed to qualify for worlds. Something I am eternally grateful for. I'm one of the few Tasmanian's who play so if you are interested in my views. You can follow me on twitter @FloristtheBudew
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