2016 Australian Regional Preview: Sydney


Welcome to our coverage of the 2016 Regional Championship season! Sydney is the next stop, after Regionals in Adelaide and Auckland during the last fortnight. As with our Adelaide preview, we’ll be looking at local and interstate trainers to follow, as well as the latest trends in team archetypes both locally and globally.

When: Saturday May 14th
Registration: 9-10am
Expected finish time: 6pm
Registration form available here or at the venue
Where: Paddington Town Hall, Paddington (Map)
Entry: Free
Twitch Stream: To be confirmed

2015 Winner: Daniel Pol (@ChironVGC)

Trainers to look out for this year


Martin Larumbe (@BaseIN2) – Top 4, Adelaide Regional Championships 2016. Martin has had a number of strong finishes locally this year, and will be confident after his top 4 finish in the Adelaide Regionals, despite being snubbed in the preview. With a day 1 invitation to Worlds locked up, the pressure is off in that respect, although further top finishes will position Martin well to earn a day 2 invitiation to the World Championships.

Daniel Walker (@Ludicola31) – 1st place Sydney Midseason Showdown 2016. While Daniel did not make the top cut in Adelaide, he will be on his home turf in Sydney, where he won a Midseason Showdown and top 4’d a grassroots event in April. His CP from Adelaide Regionals mean that he can qualify for Day 1 of the World Championships even if he bubbles out of top cut here, while a top cut performance by Daniel would be a breakthrough for a promising player.

Daniel Pol (@ChironVGC) – 1st Place, Sydney Regional Championships 2015. The defending champion hasn’t been seen much if at all in the VGC 2016 format, but word on the street has it that he will return to play for another trophy this year. Known in previous years for his blog cataloguing successful Japanese teams, Daniel is a resourceful trainer who has proven he has the skills to match his knowledge. Even if he lacks experience in this format, he is more than capable of making up for that.

Honourable mentions: Jackson Bankovic, Mitch Kendrick (@MitchVGC)


Sam Pandelis (@ZeldaVGC) – 1st Place, Adelaide Regional Championships 2016. 1st Place Melbourne Regional Championships 2013, 2014. Sam became the first Australian trainer to win three Regional Championships following his win in Adelaide at the start of the month, and looks set to challenge for a paid World Championship invitation with his form and his planned Regional Championship schedule. Only Chris Giagozoglou has won two Regionals in a season before, so Sam will be out to match that record if he wins again here.

Emma Williams (@CobalteVGC) – Emma has been missing in action for much of VGC2016, aside from a top 4 at a recent Melbourne PC, but she has a history as one of the few females in a male-dominated circuit, and as a strong trainer in her own right. Emma will be out to prove that she still has what it takes, and given her late start to the season will need some good results to ease her path to a World Championship invitation.

Phil Nguyen (@Boomguyvgc)– 21st place World Championships 2015, top 4 Singapore National Championships 2015, Top 8 Australian National Championships 2015. Phil bubbled out of top cut in Adelaide, a phenomenon he experienced frequently in 2015 as well. Phil is fiercely competitive, and always in the mix, so expect him to have spent the fortnight since Adelaide Regionals improving his game and being even tougher to beat.

Matthew Roe (@RoeyVGC) – 2015 Australian National Champion. While we’re not sure at this stage whether Matt will be battling or commentating for a stream at this Regional Championship, we understand that he will be in Sydney. It would be remiss of us, therefore, to ignore the reigning National Champion in our considerations, even though he has stated that he is not aiming for a paid invitation to the 2016 World Championships, given that he has earned his Day 1 invitation. Strong performances earlier in the season show Matt to be capable of going all the way here if he does battle.

Honourable mentions: Michael Abdelmessih (@GreatTornadoVGC), Jordan Bradley, Jay Callaghan

Metagame Expectations

Following on from our metagame preview for the Adelaide Regional Championships, we’ll see what else we can uncover leading in to Sydney.

Pokémon’s strategy department has released an article examining some successful teams from the European circuit, where Regionals were recently held. We can see there that Yveltal has won a couple of Regionals, and has seen a surge in popularity in recent times. It may take some time for this popularity to increase in Australia, especially given the prevalence of ‘Big 6’ style teams in Adelaide’s top cut, which has Xerneas to strongly threaten Yveltal and limit its usefulness, but it is a restricted Pokémon that has some flexibility and utility to it.

RayOgre and Dual Primal teams saw less usage in the top cut than expected in Adelaide, so it will be interesting to see whether this trend continues in Sydney with top players sticking to safe and conservative team builds such as ‘Big 6’.

We should expect ‘Big 6’ type teams and their variations to continue to perform strongly, especially off the back of this archetype winning the Korean National Championships with player @MeLuCaVGC to continue its strong Regional Championship form as an archetype.

Adelaide featured some more niche teams as well, such as Nihal Noor’s Gravity+Kyurem-W/Groudon team, and we hope to see these less common teams continue to make an impact in top cut throughout the regional season, as they traditionally have done in Australia in past formats.

Upcoming Regional Dates

All events have registration open from 9-10am, battling will commence shortly thereafter

  • Brisbane, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Center – Saturday May 21st
  • Melbourne, Collingwood Town Hall – Sunday May 29th
  • Perth, Perth Town Hall – Sunday June 5th

To find out more about upcoming Regional Championships, visit Nintendo Australia’s VGC season website.

Good luck to all those competing this weekend.

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    Jack Buckley (@Arahpthos) from QLD is also going, who has top cut pretty much every premier challenge held in Brisbane since the season started.

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