2016 Australian Regional Preview: Brisbane


Welcome to our coverage of the 2016 Regional Championship season! Brisbane is the next stop, and after intense games at Adelaide, Auckland and Sydney Regionals you can expect no different here. As with our previous previews, we’ll be looking at local and interstate trainers to follow, as well as the latest trends in team archetypes both locally and globally.

When: Saturday May 21st
Registration: 9-10am
Expected finish time: 6pm
Registration form available here or at the venue
Where: Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Southbank(Map)
Entry: Free
Twitch Stream: To be confirmed

2015 Winner: Chris G

Trainers to look out for this year


Phil Nyugen (@Boomguy_Pokemon) – 21st Place, 2015 World Championships Day 2. Phil is one of Australia’s veterans of the game, with solid results since VGC’s introduction in 2013. Although not having Top Cut a Regional thus far, Phil is confident that on his home turf he will be a strong competitor to take it home and achieve his Day 1 World Championships invitation.

Richard Buckley (@Arahpthos) – Top 4, Sydney Regionals. Richard is fairly unknown to the wider community, but coming off of a strong finish in Sydney with a solid Dual Primal team, is looking to repeat his Top Cut achievement. On his home turf Richard has had flawless PC Top Cuts, and is one of the strongest contenders in the state.

Honourable Mentions: Damon Murdoch (@SirScrubbington), Paulo Amedee (@Mastodon)


Sam Pandelis (@ZeldaVGC– 1st and Top 4, Adelaide and Sydney respectively. Sam has been very consistent this entire format, going undefeated in Adelaide and losing to the eventual winner in Sydney, as well as Top Cutting the Nugget Bridge Major. Being one of the highest in CP, Sam will be looking to increase his lead and aim for a Day 2 Worlds Invitation.

Martin Larumbe (@BaseIn2) – 1st and Top 4, Sydney and Adelaide respectively. Since the start of the format Martin has been one of Australia’s strongest players, winning Melbourne’s Grassroots tournament in January and representing Australia in multiple friendlies, with an almost undefeated record. With the highest CP count in Australia Martin is also in contention for a Day 2 Invite and looking to Brisbane to complete his Best Finish Limit.

Nihal Noor (@UchihaX96) – Top 8 Adelaide Regionals. Nihal has been one of the most consistent players in Melbourne, earning his Day 1 Worlds Invitation through consistency at PCs and a 2nd place at the Melbourne MSS. Nihal was also one of three Australians to Top Cut the Nugget Bridge Major, showing his strength both in Australia and worldwide.

Daniel Walker (@Ludicola31) – 2nd place Sydney Regionals. After strong finishes on his home turf including multiple PC wins and an MSS win Daniel is looking to expand his dominance and take Brisbane. With consistent results all round and a solid CP standing he may possibly be in contention for a Day 2 Worlds Invitation and has proven his worth as a player.

Honourable Mentions: Mitch Kendrick (@MitchVGC)

Metagame Expectations

Following on from our metagame preview for previous Regional Championships, we’ll see what else we can uncover leading in to Brisbane.

Winners of all Australian Regionals thus far have used a team consisting of the popular restricted duo of Xerneas and Groudon, so this trend may continue across Australia. Many players may choose to take inspiration from these results in a hope of continuing the dominance of this team archetype. However, if this trend continues then a rise of teams with positive matchups, such as Rayquaza and Kyogre teams, may become more common to try and counter the successful team.

Looking outside of Australia we have the UK Nationals and Seattle Regionals of last weekend, both of which were won by a Double Primal team. The success of this team may lead to Australians choosing to opt for this archetype, which is a more offensive team usually built to have a positive match-up against Xerneas and Groudon.

On the other end of the spectrum is Yveltal, which has seen some use outside of Australia, winning Regionals throughout Europe in Belgium, Austria and Italy. Although being a strong choice against Dual Primals and Rayquaza + Kyogre teams, with the popularity of Xerneas in Australia many players could decide against bringing an Yveltal team.

Upcoming Regional Dates

All events have registration open from 9-10am, and battling will commence shortly thereafter.

  • Melbourne, Collingwood Town Hall – Sunday May 29th
  • Perth, Perth Town Hall – Sunday June 5th

To find out more about upcoming Regional Championships, visit Nintendo Australia’s VGC season website.

Good luck to all those competing this weekend.

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