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Hello everyone, and welcome to the Regional Championship season! Adelaide is the first stop on the circuit this year, after being the final stop in 2015. As a part of our 2016 season coverage, we’ll be previewing each Regional as they come, with players and team archetypes we expect to see do well.

When: Sunday May 1st.
Registration:  9:00am -10:00am.
Expected finish time: 6pm.
Registration form available here / or at the venue
Where: The Ellington, Hackney
Entry: Free

2015 Winner: Nihal Noor (@UchihaX96)

Trainers to look out for this year


As Adelaide has unfortunately had few events this season, it is a little hard to gauge the form of local players.

Aaron Van Der Kolk – 1st place 2015 Adelaide Regional Championship (Senior Division), 2015 National Championships Top Cut (Senior Division). Aaron is a first year Master coming off of a strong performance here last year. He top cut Adelaide’s Midseason Showdown earlier this year, and another good result here would suggest that he has transitioned up to the Masters age group successfully.

Luke Curtale (@DawgVGC) – 3rd place Adelaide Mid Season Showdown, 3rd place Adelaide Regional Championship 2014, 11th Place 2015. Luke was a bit disappointed with his 2015 season, and just missed out on top cut here last year after finishing with a 5-2 record. He will want to make the most of his opportunities in 2016 and hopefully make the jump up into top cut again. A 3rd placing in a Mid Season Showdown suggests he’s in form to go well here.

Matt Borg (@DarkMalice_) – 1st place 2014 Adelaide Regional Championship. The format has changed a lot since Matt won here two years ago, but it takes a good trainer to win a Regional Championship, so we wouldn’t be surprised if Matt puts in a strong performance again despite his middling performance last year.

Wilson Quan (@Jovistron) – 10th place 2015 Adelaide Regional Championship. Wilson defeated this writer in a Nugget Bridge Major match earlier in the year, and has a positive 4-2 record so far in that tournament – one filled with top trainers from around the world. He was another who just missed out of the top cut here last year with his 5-2 record, and could be a relative dark horse in this year’s Championship.

Honourable mentions: Josh Ware, Matthew Bockman (@MatthewBockman), Nathan Cappelluti (@CappaVGC)


A large group of Victorians will be hopping over the border to have a crack at winning a Championship away from home, and we believe that at least one New South Welshman and one Queenslander will be heading to Adelaide as well.

Daniel Walker (@Ludicola31) – 1st place Sydney Mid Season Showdown 2016. Daniel will be coming over from Sydney, fresh from winning the Mid Season Showdown over there, along with a Top 4 finish at a recent grassroots event. With 98 CP already this season, a top 8 finish for Daniel would see him qualify for the 2016 World Championship. He may be a little bit of an underdog compared to some of the more credentialed players mentioned below, but past performances don’t matter when you’re in a battle.

Nihal Noor: (@UchihaX96) – 2015 Adelaide Regional Champion. As the defending champion, Nihal will look to become the third Australian to win back-to-back Regional Championships when he battles here. Nihal has had a strong start to 2016 with a bunch of strong Premier Challenge performances, as well as having a top notch 5-1 record in the Nugget Bridge Major and would be confident of a strong performance here. With 214 Championship Points to his name, Nihal has already qualified for the 2016 World Championships, so any points earned here will go towards a bid for a paid Day 2 invitation.

Nicholas Bingham (@LudicoloPatrol) – 9-0 in Swiss Rounds at 2015 National Championships, 1st place Melbourne Mid Season Showdown 2016. Nicholas showed tremendous endurance to go through all nine best of three rounds without dropping a set at last year’s Nationals, and his recent win in Melbourne’s Midseason Showdown shows that he’s in form to achieve a good result here.

Phil Nguyen (@Boomguyvgc) – 21st place World Championships 2015, top 4 Singapore National Championships 2015, Top 8 Australian National Championships 2015. Phil, from Queensland, was Australia’s sole representative at Day 2 of last year’s World Championships, after a solid and consistent year during which he went from bubbling out of top cut at Regionals to getting a top 8 finish at Australian Nationals, and top 4 at the Singapore Nationals to earn a paid invitation. Phil retired at the end of 2015, but has found himself drawn back in this season for another tilt at international glory, and with World Championship experience under his belt he will be a formidable opponent this year.

Honourable mentions: Meaghan Rattle, Joshua Callister (@JCalVGC), Sam Pandelis (@ZeldaVGC), Mitch Kendrick (@MitchVGC), Jordan Saunders (@JordeyShiroVGC)

Metagame Expectations

Good reference points for common archetypes include this recent article by Bailey Owens, as well as this analysis by Pokémon.com’s strategy department .

Local usage statistics collected by Pokémon Australia show that the Groudon+Xerneas restricted combination is both popular and consistent, so it is probably more a question not of if, but of how many ‘Big 6’-style teams will make it to top cut. Rayquaza/Kyogre and Dual Primal seem to be the next two most popular cores by usage in top cuts, although Dual Primal has not seemed as popular or successful in Australia as in the rest of the world thus far this season. If the winner doesn’t run one of these cores, expect the winning team to have good answers to all three of these archetypes, as well as answers to the common support Pokémon that feature in a number of these cores, like Smeargle, Kangaskhan, Talonflame and Ferrothorn. Dialga+Kyogre, a core that has seen some success overseas, hasn’t been seen very much in Australia as yet, so it remains to be seen how that restricted combination will perform at Regional Championship level. The Australian metagame historically has a unique flavour to it even while following global trends, so we look forward to hopefully seeing some new combinations, and new spins on established cores, rise up to make the top cut here, or at least keep those top cut teams on their toes.

Upcoming Regional Dates

All events have registration open from 9-10am, battling will commence shortly thereafter

  • Auckland (New Zealand), ANZ Viaduct Events Centre – Saturday May 7th
  • Sydney, Paddington Town Hall – Saturday May 14th
  • Brisbane, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre – Saturday May 21st
  • Melbourne, Collingwood Town Hall – Sunday May 29th
  • Perth, Perth Town Hall – Sunday June 5th

To find out more about upcoming Regional Championships, visit Nintendo Australia’s VGC season website.

Good luck to all those competing this weekend.

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