2016 Australian Pokemon VGC Nationals – Day 1 Wrap Up


The first day of Australia’s 2016 National Video Game Championships has come to a close and we’re examining how the day went for Australia’s best Pokemon trainers.

The day was streamed by NewGamePlusTV, and commentated by Matthew Roe (@RoeyVGC) and Jesse Wilsone. Huge thank you to them for their fantastic coverage, and to DYoshiiTV for his coverage of the TCG National Championships.

266 Masters competitors came to the Melbourne Park Function Center to challenge for the title of Australia’s best. These numbers meant that there would be 9 swiss rounds, with 7 of them played on Day 1, all in the Best-of-Three format. Once the final 2 rounds are completed, there will be a top cut of 16 players. With a projection of 24 players finishing with an X-2 record or better, players need to have 2 or fewer losses after swiss round are over to have a chance to play in the top cut, although an unlucky few can finish 7-2 and finish just outside the top 16.

With that in mind, we will look firstly at how the field stands after 7 swiss rounds, and then how the race for the paid invite looks.


Josh Matos and Matthew Jiwa, by virtue of going through Day 1 undefeated, are now practically assured of making it to the top cut. There are a further 16 players with a 6-1 record, and 37 with a 5-2 record. There is a big logjam then in pursuit of a top cut finish, with those having a lower Opponent’s Win % at a disadvantage. The equation is simple for these players: win both matches tomorrow to stay in the hunt, especially if you already have a 5-2 record.

Race for the Paid Invitation

Prior to Nationals kicking off, we calculated that there were over a dozen Australians still theoretically able to earn a paid invitation to Day 2 of the World Championships. Those numbers have dropped off as the meat grinder of swiss rounds has had an attrition rate. Let’s look at who is still in the hunt:

Alex Poole (6-1), Nihal Noor (6-1), Sam Pandelis (6-1)

Three of the top 4 in Australian CP standings are all in solid positions overnight, although they will all want to win both their matches tomorrow to guarantee reaching the top cut, as a loss would leave them relying on resistance to make top cut. The match between Alex and Nihal in Round 6 was considered a stream highlight, and may be a preview of what to expect in the top cut.

Josh Matos (7-0), Phil Nguyen (6-1)

Both of these guys are in strong positions to make top cut and keep their paid invitation dreams alive, but both still need a lot to go their way to actually achieve that dream given the head start on CP they have given up.

Martin Larumbe (5-2), Daniel Walker (5-2), Mitch Kendrick (5-2)

While these guys are not out of the running just yet, they are in an unfavourable position when it comes to making top cut, and thus keeping the dream of earning a paid invitation to the World Championships. Don’t write them off just yet, but they will need to step up from Day 1 to keep the dream alive.

With the Hong Kong National Championship on tomorrow, these players will have to give their all, then all wait and see if they have done enough for a paid invitation to Day 2 of the World Championships. We still have 8 who we can consider to have a chance, although the triumvirate of Nihal, Alex and Sam are the ones with the best chances for paid invitations, performances pending.

Finally, we leave you with some pictures from Day 1:

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We hope you all enjoyed the day, and look we forward to seeing how the 2016 National Championships concludes. If you’re not at the venue you can stay tuned to our twitter, or to the twitch stream to follow the action, and if you are at the venue, see you there!

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