2015 Pokémon World Championships – Australian Invitees


The 2015 Pokémon World Championships are less then a week away and this year we have a huge number of Australian’s who have earned their invite.


Andrew Tan
Jordan Palmer
Marcus Raj
Shane Quinn
Syahmi Razak
James Goreing
Cale Vickery
Matty Masefield
Paul Coletta
Jake Cruwys
Ellis Longhurst
Alexander Bray
Michael Zirnsak
Michael Kan
Robin Sangwan
Shaun Murphy
Daniel Collins
Brandon King
Samuel Alderman
Bodhi Cutler
Amy Wilson
Blake Davies
Scott Free
Theodore Shen
Aaron Van Der Kolk
Brent Tonisson
Jeremy Lim
Matthew Burris
Aaron Stringfellow
Alex Jones
Lewis Stevens
Minas Georgas
Damian Filiposki
Flynn Coomer
Nicholas Kan
Jeanette Lim
Alex Crockford


Philip Nguyen
Matthew J Roe
Chris G
Mustafaa Olomi
Lionel Pryce
Mitch K
Ty Power
Brendan Webb
Matthew Burris
Nathan Shearman
Adam S
Patrick M
Jakob Simpson
Harrison Owen
Aaron Van Der Kolk
Nicholas Callister
Will Gabell
Hamish D
Nicholas K
Jack Gilbert
Luke Daley
Alex Crockford
Kaden Bathgate
Orlando Phillips
Jonathan Wang
We will be updating our social media and doing recaps after each day so be sure to stay tuned!

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