2015 Australian Pokémon Nationals – Day 3 Recap: TCG


Nationals is over once again, but the post-coverage is going to keep on coming! The Trading Card Game Nationals saw 128 Masters, 14 Seniors, and 12 Juniors battle it out with swiss rounds on day one, and top cut on day three (with VGC swiss rounds being played on day two).

The Masters Division battled it out through a huge day with 8 rounds of swiss on day one, and on day three the top 8 players went back to play in the top cut. A huge congratulations to Andrew Tan for taking out the Masters Division of the Trading Card Game, and our very own Marcus Raj for coming second. A congratulations also to Aaron Van Der Kok for taking out the Seniors Division, and Minas Georgas for taking out the Junior Division.

Below we have the final standings after swiss for the Masters Division Top 8. (Click images for full view)


Top 8 players and their decks:

  1. Syahmi Razak – Raichu/Crobat
  2. Andrew Tan – Seismitoad/Shaymin
  3. Jordan Palmer – Seismitoad/Shaymin
  4. Shaun Murphy – Manectric/Seismtoad
  5. Harley Mangan – Manectric/Suicune
  6. Victor Yi – Leafeon/Raichu
  7. Cale Vickery – Seismitoad/Shaymin
  8. Marcus Raj – Seismitoad/Shaymin

Below is the bracket for the top cut. (To move across, use your mouse to click and drag. To move up and down, use the scroll bar to the right)

Stay tuned as we continue our post-Nats coverage over the coming weeks in the leadup to Worlds!

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