2015 Australian Pokémon Nationals – Day 2 Recap

Today we saw Day 2 of the 2015 Australian Pokémon Nationals with the Video Game Swiss Rounds. The atmosphere was electric as VGC players filled the room.

Eager Video Game players lined up, knowing that the event was going to be a long day. This year is the first year Australia has been eligible for Championship Points in VGC, which meant a huge deal to the most dedicated players. For the first time we also saw best-of-three swiss rounds, which is the standard tournament format for most other countries. Over the next few days we will see who has what it takes, with many players close to securing their invite to represent Australia at the World Championships later this year.

Master Division had 321 competitors, which was 9 rounds of swiss and a top cut of 16. Seniors saw 96 players turn up, giving them 7 rounds of swiss and a top cut of 8. Juniors had a nice turn out of 54 with 6 rounds and a top cut of 8. Top cut for all divisions is going to be played out tomorrow.

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vgc_mastersMasters Top 16

After 9 rounds of swiss, and a 9 hour day, here are the top 16 going on to day 2!

  1. Nicholas Bingham
  2. Saamid Zikria
  3. Matthew Jiwa
  4. Theron Ho
  5. Mustafa Olomi
  6. Matthew Roe
  7. Sean Ronzani
  8. Alexander Poole
  9. Brendan Webb
  10. Christopher Kan
  11. Eugene Tan
  12. Ty Power
  13. Callum Witt
  14. Phil Nguyen
  15. Jackson Lakey
  16. Lionel Pryce

Seniors Top 8


  1. Matthew Burris
  2. Aaron Van der Kolk
  3. Patrick McCann
  4. Jakob Simpson
  5. Will Gabell
  6. Nicholas Callister
  7. Adam Scicluna
  8. Nathan Shearman
Juniors Top 8


  1. Luke Daley
  2. Jack Gilbert
  3. Alfredo Chang-Gonzalez
  4. Nicholas Kan
  5. Jonathan Wang
  6. Hamish Gartner
  7. Kaden Bathgate
  8. Alex Crockford

Tomorrow is where the real competition begins with both the Trading Card Game and Video Game top cut! Be sure to check back tomorrow evening for results!

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  1. Thats me, at the ninth spot in seniors ;(

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