2015 Australian Pokémon Nationals – Day 1 Recap

Today kicked off Day 1 of the biggest Pokémon event in Australia this year with the Trading Card Game Nationals Swiss Rounds. The day saw 128 Masters, 14 Seniors, and 12 Juniors.

Players lined up from the early hours of the morning at Melbourne Park Function Centre to compete. With nearly 20 players already having their invite to the World Championships, the competition was set to be fierce.  Masters got 8 rounds of swiss, with a top cut of 8, this meant that it was going to be extremely difficult to cut, with only the best of the best making it to a second day. Top cut is set to be played out on Monday, which is when the Video game Swiss Rounds will take place, giving TCG players a well needed rest tomorrow.

The Top 8

After a long day of playing Pokémon, eight stand, making it to day two!

Top 8 players and their decks are as follows:

  1. Syahmi Razak – Raichu/Crobat
  2. Andrew Tan – Seismitoad/Shaymin
  3. Jordan Palmer – Seismitoad/Shaymin
  4. Shaun Murphy – Manectric/Seismtoad
  5. Harley Mangan – Manectric/Suicune
  6. Victor Yi – Leafeon/Raichu
  7. Cale Vickery – Seismitoad/Shaymin
  8. Marcus Raj – Seismitoad/Shaymin
Day 2: Ace Trainer Invitational

Day 2 of Nationals sees the swiss rounds for the Video Game, but our friends over at Ace Trainer have been given the awesome opportunity to hold the first ever ‘Ace Trainer Invitational’.

The Ace Trainer Invitational is an exclusive event where 8 elite players from around the country will battle it out. Unlike normal Pokémon TCG events, this event will be held using the Expanded Format (Black & White to Roaring Skies), the tournament will be Double Elimination.

The contestants are as follows:

  • Shane Quinn
  • James Goreing
  • Marcus Raj
  • Syahmi Razak
  • Matty Masefield
  • Jennifer Wilson
  • Andrew Tan
  • Michael Zirnsak

Be sure to keep an eye out on the Ace Trainer facebook page as they’ll be posting updates throughout the day.

Good luck to those competing in the VGC Swiss tomorrow, as well as the Ace Trainer Invitational! We will be sure to post a recap of Day 2 tomorrow evening.

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