2014 Pokémon Video Game Nationals – Seniors Preview


After Boomguy’s Masters Preview, I thought I should have it upon myself to write an article to help Seniors assess the main threats at Nationals, and hopefully give a better understanding of the Seniors Pokémon scene as opposed to Masters. I’ve also enlisted the help of bargens.

The VGC2013 Australian Representatives

Michael Zirnsak: Unfortunately Michael will not be competing in this year’s National Championships after placing 4th this year with a team he had no practice with at the Melbourne Regionals. He may not be competing, but he will still be attending so go look out for him.

Brent Tonisson: Our other representative, Brent has been very active this Season placing very highly in multiple tournaments. His peformance at the World Championships last year was phenomenal, where he placed 16th. He also came 1st in the June International Challenge for Australia. Brent recently won the VGC Side Event at the Pokémon TCG National Championships, which is a huge achievement considering how it was open to all divisions. One of the biggest threats, and (if he doesn’t get completely haxed out of the tournament) will have a very good chance of getting his worlds invite.

The 6 Regionals Winners

Ryan: I don’t know much about Ryan’s play style, or how he played his matches at the Perth, but the team he used to win looks very solid; consisting of basically, this metagames “Big 6”. I hope to meet him at Nationals.

Aaron Van Der Kolk: I know Aaron was mainly focused on TCG, but seeing how strong he went at the Adelaide Regionals proves he is good at VGC too. I see him frequently on Pokémon Showdown practicing for the big day, and I hope to see him finish strong, which I’m sure he will.

Adam: Adam has really caught my eye this Season. We chatted quite a bit before Sydney Regionals about his team and whatnot. He is definitely a very solid teambuilder; tricking a lot of people with his Mega Charizard X team opposed to the popular Mega Charizard Y. The Sydney finals concluded with a lot of hax which ended up scoring him the win. Personally, even if he didn’t have the outrageous amount of hax near the end of his finals match against Brent, it was still fairly close. Just because he has luck on his side doesn’t make him any less of a player he should not be regarded lightly.

Matthew Burris: (For this part of this article Bailey will be writing about me as obviously I can’t write about my self) Matt has many solid achievements such as placing 3rd last year at the National Championships, to winning the Brisbane Regionals. In my opinion he is a huge threat, and anyone who ends up defeating him deserves to at least make Top Cut. He also has had extremely powerful teams, and should not be taken lightly at Nationals. I believe Matt has a very good chance of making worlds this year as he is one of the most active Seniors on Nugget Bridge and Pokémon Showdown as well as placing 3rd in the June International Challenge.

Nathan Shearman: After winning the Melbourne Regionals, Nathan has instantly become one of the biggest theats to watchout for at Nationals. He has participated in 2 Regionals, being Sydney and Melbourne and has a very consistent team. He also has important metagame knowledge which should definitely help him if he decides to make a new team.

Troy: I don’t know much about Troy either, but he did go undefeated at the Auckland Regionals so he is a threat using a very solid Mega Venusaur team. He is on Nugget Bridge, so I will assume that he is a very determined player and definitely someone to watch out for.

Honorable Mentions

Bailey: Bailey has definitely been a dark horse this season even though he probably shouldn’t be. He placed 7th at the Melbourne Regionals, first in the May International Challenge, followed by second in the June International Challenge, so he is definitely a good player. I also see him practicing quite a bit on Pokémon Showdown so he is very serious about nationals.

Siddhant: Not much is known about him, but after placing 5th at the Melbourne Regionals he is definitely is not a force to be reckoned with. He is very active on Pokémon Showdown, presumably practicing for Nationals. Even though he isn’t well known by the community as such, I think he has a very good chance of top cutting and possibly getting a paid trip.

Arvin: Arvin was a person who just squeezed into this article barely after finding out how he did at Regionals. After placing 3rd at the Melbourne Regionals, he has a lot of metagame knowledge, especially about Melbourne. He is also one to practice a lot with friends on Pokémon Showdown so by the time of Nationals, he will be a big threat.

The smart money is on…..

Matthew’s Opinion: Seeing as how well Brent has been going this season, and winning the June International Challenge in Australia, he is definitely the favourite to win. He has years of experience with the game, going to worlds last year and playing smogon singles beforehand. No doubt now that Michael is not playing this year, Brent has a clear shot at taking it out.

Bailey’s Opinion: Personally, from battling many of these large threats myself, I would have to say that Matt, Brent or Nathan would be who I expect to take out Nationals. Although, I am interested to see the play style of Ryan or Troy, as they seem like interesting opponents. All in all I’m not planning on taking anyone for granted and if I see any of these names I will be prepared for a great match.

Stay tuned as we continue to build the hype for the 2014 Pokémon Video Game National Championships all week!

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  1. Great job! This is awesome, I might be asking too much but just including a showdown name would have been nice, but still this is great!

    • Hi James, If you really want to know the Gamertags of all the players here they are in order of being written (Excluding Michael).

      aguy, Desulax, Azza2000, GiraGoomy, ZzamanN, WolfShock11, veemonu, Bargens/ PokemonBattleAus, Gamerman, GreenEspeon

  2. Why wasn’t i on this list! Jk great list tho

  3. :O OH DAS ME 😀

  4. Andrew Dick Hemmings Venus

    Great job in Nationals this year, I placed 42 which is actually pretty good for my first try. Next year I will definitely be practising a lot. 😀

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