2013 TCG Nationals Australia – Top 32!

Today, players all around Australia congregated on a cold Melbourne morning in larger numbers then this country has ever seen before.

The crowd was huge and the atmosphere was amazing. Players from Western Australia, to Tasmania had travelled, and they were not going to be disappointed. The day started at 9am with registrations, which were meant to be going until 10am. It’s safe to say the numbers that were generated at the event were nothing anyone could have predicted. The registrations were pushed to 11:15am for Masters, ending in a 128 person tournament. This is the biggest that Australia has ever seen. The 128 people meant not only a record in numbers, but a Top Cut of 32 players.

Masters Top Cut

Masters Top Cut

Players were buzzing, running off adrenaline, and super pumped that they had just beaten the record for Australian TCG Nationals. This level of excitement stayed with the players until the end of the 7 Swiss Rounds; a very long day indeed!

Below is the list of people who made it into the Masters Top Cut.

Masters Top Cut

Click for full view.

Be sure to register at 1pm tomorrow for the VGC Side Event – the first Sanctioned VGC Event in Australia.

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